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100 Sunset Station (Beta) for Skater XL

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Published by EvanTheVan (mod ID: 151868)


Enjoy this Beta!

Sunset Station came about as a test bed & platform for me to learn the mapping workflow. I still have a lot to learn and the map has no shortage of small bugs; but it's very playable, has a good bit of variety & a cool atmosphere. I've worked on it for about 2 months and want to put it down to work on other things, but will most likely return after about a month for occasional fixes and updates, adding props etc.

Update 8/29

  • Bug fixes, mostly relating to grind sounds
  • Greatly decreased load time
  • Added some reverb to the main indoor area
  • Added two new spots in front of the building. Didn't plan on it but I really appreciate all the feedback and great content - so here's a little something extra!


  • A few splines have a ~10% chance of exploding, and it can be very loud. Be careful if using headphones.
  • Most of the modeling has been complete, and future updates will mostly consist of bug fixes & adding external assets.


I work in product design, and all modeling was done in Fusion 360 - which as I'm learning has a lot of advantages and disadvantages compared to Blender. It's built for product design & solid modeling and is free for hobbyists and small startups. I'd like to make some basic tutorials on getting started with it, so if anyone is interested in learning shoot me a DM!


I'm happy to be making stuff for free, but any contribution helps me justify spending more time on this vs client work. For those who'd like to donate, you can do so - here -

Thank You

Thanks for the kind words and feedback everyone, I'm super glad you're enjoying it! Def need a few days off but I'll try to fix a few of the most egregious bugs this week.

Also I almost forgot to thank some of the homies who helped test this during development. THANK YOU BlazeNMG & CT_Actual for testing and encouraging progress from the start; Skatebeard, Nameduser, Fourstardragon and the community on twitch for a ton of live testing and background entertainment. Much love gents I appreciate you greatly <3





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Dapkuro @dapkuro

Did this map ever make it out of beta? perhaps on discord or another site? this was one of my favorite maps for quite some time!

EvanTheVan @evanthevan

Hey! Sorry, It hasn't been updated yet but I still plan on it. There have been a few other maps started that you can find on my discord, under #testing

Dapkuro @dapkuro

Oh ok, I appreciate the response!

Snapmare @snapmare

Hands down my favorite map. Props for all the hard work. Can't wait to see the finished product!

Strypercritical @strypercritical

This map is AMAZING. One thing though I've noticed is I seem to lose momentum when grinding or sliding on rails, is that normal?

EvanTheVan @evanthevan

Yo thank you! I used an outdated technique for setting up the grinds here. Learned a lot in the months between then and now, and I will update eventually with new grindables that should perform better on all counts. Cheers!

cup1603816611 @cup1603816611

yo im having the same issue. u can use the xxl mod to speed up your grind speed. hope this helps.

Its_ToeKnee @its-toeknee

any news on when the next update will be?

BY_LUCKY @bylucky

This is my favorite spot. I never even make it inside because there are so many spots outside. Some clips below!

curhs @curhs

when will the next update be?

Ricochet89 @ricochet89

I made an edit for this map. Hope you enjoy

maximrelaxin @maximrelaxin

Please add a brick sound to the brick areas of the floor! There's a lot of amazing looking brick textures but the lack of sound kind of lets them down and makes them less noticeable.

triplenipplepimple @triplenipplepimple

When i go into the map, i am just falling in the sky and nothing is loaded. how do i fix this?

apxllo @apxllo

for me this issue disappeared when i uninstalled onedrive, so maybe if you do that than it will work (but mine was a pretty rare issue so idk).

EvanTheVan @evanthevan

Either make sure to load an official map first, then this map - OR this also happens if you put the zip file directly in the Maps folder. Make sure to put the contents and not the zip file itself in the folder.

Mufflo @mufflo

Thanks bro

iGanc @iganc

Wow, I love what you are doing with this map. Thank you for the update!! I think this map is one of the greatest made so far for this game. Seriously, all the details and little things you are doing from the plants/vines growing on the bricks, to the indoor sounds, very very good ledges and rails. I really enjoy that some of them are smaller for more realistic type stuff.

Once piece of feedback I think finally hit me, and it's really just an opinion. The white concrete parts in the inside feel a little out of place to me. With everything looking so beautiful, it seems like they are missing texture but only compared to how good the rest of the map looks!
I cannot wait to see how this thing progresses, I have subbed and will be downloading every single update you put through lol, thank you!

Quick question, do you see yourself making more maps? If so, I'm more pumped for that than any official maps to release haha :D

EvanTheVan @evanthevan

Thanks a million! The white textures were a style choice I've seen very mixed opinions on. For some context, the inspiration for several of those obstacles was this old Nike SB ad -

Originally the ramps were a glossy white painted material.. but I switched it to the current white concrete after some similar feedback. Still open to switching up the materials, but I've tried several and nothing else seems to fit. I'll explore different ramp textures though moving forward and possibly update with something better :)

And to answer your last question - yes! I have plans for several small maps and one very large map in the works.

UnseenUnit @unseenunit

Totally agree with you for the white concrete parts, looks like untextured.

Hells.Idol @hellsidol

NEW SPOTS!!! You spoil us!!! Thank you.