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Skatepark Of Tampa 2022 Pro Course for Skater XL

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Published by EasyDayStudios (mod ID: 2022517)


Updated with fresh obstacles and artwork to recreate the skatepark's ever evolving look, we are stoked to be dropping the 2022 Skatepark Of Tampa Pro Course, available now in the Mod Browser on all platforms. Featuring walls covered with the original work of skate artist Lucas Beaufort, and updated features mirroring what the pros will be skating, the 2022 course has all the features of its IRL counterpart.

Back for its 28th Annual Edition April 29 - May 1, the Tampa Pro is the longest running annual contest in skateboarding, and the place where countless legends have made their mark on skateboarding. There are few places in the world that have hosted more skateboarding icons than SPoT, and its contests are the most anticipated of the year for skateboarding's biggest names. Legends like Andrew Reynolds, Eric Koston, and Shane O'Neill have all claimed the top spot over the years.

The 2022 iteration of the course is made even more special by the fact that it will host the first ever Official Skater XL Tampa Pro live fakeskate contest, going down on May 7th, 2022 at Noon PST on the Skater XL Twitch Channel. For the first time ever the online skating community will be able to participate in our own digital version of the Tampa Pro, officially held in conjunction with the real contest! 8 of the best fakeskaters on each platform will compete live for cash and prizes, with commentary by Garrett Ginner and more guest hosts. Tune in to see what the hype is all about!





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FauxStalgia @fauxstalgia

I will never understand how so many people on this site bitch at people when they're given FREE maps that take weeks if not months to make. Then when you see any costs or a discord subscription required you have an aneurism. Stfu


EmDub @monk1374

Dude Lazy Day is NOT a professional company..... We have Professional MODDERS that are on a proxy from them. If they were professional, then they would give console gravity stats and not make BS like this at a 1.5 scale from the real thing

sixth.fs @sixthfs

This map didn't take weeks or months. It's a recycled map they have already released, just slapped some new textures on and changed a couple obstacles. People are upset because instead of easy day putting out QUALITY content, they put out this ********. No one wants yet another skate park, especially not one that they have already released. People want street maps.

FauxStalgia @fauxstalgia

Again, so don’t download it. The fact that the map doesn’t have half the glitch spots as the original is why this has mostly positive feedback. Stop putting your opinion in other peoples’ mouths. Also, if it’s so easy to just copy and paste em, do you have any maps up we can download?


Liveɘvi⅃ @irrelevantperson

What are you? Easy days shill? Say less clown. You don't know sh!t and you sound like Dain. 🤡

FauxStalgia @fauxstalgia

Easy day makes money from mod io? That emojis pretty common on your keyboard I bet.

Liveɘvi⅃ @irrelevantperson

How tf do they make money from Mods? Advertising? No.. Subscription? No. Yes the emoji is common because of clowns like you who don't think before spouting BS. Take the fact you comment is buried as a que you are not acting like someone who is helping ANYONE and please, say less, more.

Melon__ @melon29

I'm not going to join all the long-term big-picture criticism. I just don't want to add another 300mb to my hard drive for another slightly different version of Tampa. It's actually annoying that I have to or I'm going to get dropped from server after server while everybody switches to the new map (which is the same map). Thanks anyway for that though.

FauxStalgia @fauxstalgia

so dont download it

teenxarchive @teenxarchive

stop dickriding EDS

-Yaky- @yaky2

I expect nothing, and still I'm disappointed.

EmDub @monk1374

I dont consider Lazy Day a professional company. I consider the XL modding community professionals using THIS as a proxy

perere @perere

u guys took that long to release a reskin 💀💀💀, and somehow u managed to miss in the four stair

nij @nij

Just please add some new tricks/difficulty modes to the game. a fisheye in the replay editor would really make the possibility of PC/Console players being able to collab and make sweet edits together.

maximrelaxin @maximrelaxin

We need to see some creativity from you guys. Skateboarding is one of the most creative things one can do and you guys are not reflecting that.

The gear, for example, that you put in the game proves that. It doesn't feel good when you are relying so heavily on the community's mods that you barely offer anything new to the base game. If we, as consumers are capable of creating detailed, realistic, high quality textures and even now meshes, why can't you do it as a fully fledged game studio?

I don't think I am alone in saying that post release, I was expecting more maps like DTLA or EDHS. It's pretty underwhelming to just see small skatepark after small skatepark... You clearly have the capacity to design maps like the ones I mentioned, and it's quite clear that the community wants that. I want to see your version of a big NYC map, or Downtown Chicago, Atlanta, or some Canadian street maps. What about Australia? London? Please guys, I'm not even going to mention the gameplay since you seem adamant that you're satisfied with it (?!) but we need some unique and creative offerings from you. It'll go a long way.

UnseenUnit @unseenunit

I think it's kinda pointless to develop more clothes for the game, the SXL modding community already done that (and same with modded maps).
The amount of shoes, boards, clothes, etc (both real brands and fictional brands) is already insane for such an indie game if you think about it.
And there's is also the problem of copyrights when it comes to real brands.

About maps, sure they can always drop a big map like DTLA/EDHS (one per year if they can do that, would be enough imo), and introduces more refined community maps to fill the gap in between. This community have some really good mappers who deserves to have at least one of their project added officially to the game.

If I was EDS, I would focus on new gameplay mechanics/physics improvements/bug fixing almost exclusively at this point, because this is what keeps the game fresh and fun to play.
Everything else is already carried by the community. I also wish EDS can work with more modders (DawgVinci in particular).

perere @perere

How can it be pointless to develop new clothes? u are forgeting bout console players just like easy day does.
Talkin bout the "copyright", man cmon we dont need them to add real brands clothes or some shi like that. We just asking them for new meshes, even if it comes with just a "generic brand", "ingame brand" or just new plain stuff.
Skating is basically about expressing yourself, and "fashion" is totally related to this, yes, we need new gameplay mechanics, but u cant just say "pointless to develop more clothes"

UnseenUnit @unseenunit

Console players doesn't have access to fictionnal clothes created by the modding community ? Are you sure about that ?

By the way I'm agree with that:
"Skating is basically about expressing yourself, and "fashion" is totally related to this."

But keep in mind, EDS is a small team, and a small team probably can't do everything at the same time.
I think it would be more beneficial for the game right now to have new gameplay mechanics rather than new clothes.

Especially on console when you've so little compared to the PC version. The skill ceiling will be higher with more stuff to do, why do you think console players ask for a stats menu since years, because the gameplay is what matters the most in a video game. Visuals/cosmetics are just a sweet bonus.

If you ask for new clothes, it's going to take more time for other features to be implemented.
And we didn't have new updates about new gameplay features or gameplay improvements since a very long period (nothing official at least).

jamanisablessman @kinerdneer

shut up

UnseenUnit @unseenunit

Stop asking people to shut their mouth because they've a different opinion than yours...
Try to say something useful for once, instead of crying like a baby.

perere @perere

Im talkin about new meshes, which is a thing that only pc players can have, and i made that really explicit on my text, and im going literally, to repeat what i've said before sir.
" we need new gameplay mechanics, but u cant just say 'pointless to develop more clothes"

Nowhere in the text i said that mechanics doesnt matter, and also, nowhere in the text, i said something about console not having access to fictionnal clothes, repeating, i talked bout meshes only
"We just asking them for new meshes [...] or just new plain stuff."

UnseenUnit @unseenunit

I never said it's pointless but "kinda pointless". Which is slightly different, and by this I mean, it's not the number one priority imo.

You know I'm a PC player and I didn't tried XLGM yet, because it's for a specific downgraded version of the game, and it's not fully implemented into the main menu and kinda buggy atm for what I saw (still a WIP mod), and you know what, even without XLGM, I still have thousand of clothes at my diposal, so it's not that bad. But yeah sure it would be nice to have this feature in the official game.

And about console players "not having access to fictional clothes", it was a question ?
I wasn't sure it was the case (Never played the console version).