Skater XL

Applewood Park by ROARTEX89 PS4 for Skater XL

Released (updated ago). Ranked 8 of 17,037 with 518,924 (401 today) downloads

Published by EasyDayStudios (mod ID: 323634)


Applewood Park is a mid-sized city map with features to cater for all skating styles. Surrounded by high-rise buildings, you can find a concrete skate park, various street spots, huge stair sets, hubba ledges, techy manual pads and more.

Update: Applewood Park has been updated for Skater XL 1.0. Due to performance reasons, the updated night version of the map will be released at a later date.

A huge shout out to the guys in the map-creation channel that have helped me out with issues along the way, and an extra special thanks to SqueegeeDinoToy for all his hard work. A big thanks to the talented graffiti creators sharing their work on the discord too, and to Solid, NextLevel, Jboogie and Le Kaiju for helping out with closed beta testing.

Be sure to subscribe on because I intend to release expansions in the future!





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