Skater XL

April Headquarters for Skater XL

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Published by Paradox_Ramps (mod ID: 595162)


April Headquarters is a Skateboarding Facility for Shane O'neil and his team to train in and film videos. So I made a Skater Xl version of it so you can play in the game.




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fufu_sxl @fufu-sxl

i think it would be way cooler for a lot of people to have one great map with good textures instead of a bunch of maps which feels kinda emtpy and unfinished. Don't understand me wrong, i fully respect your work in your free time for this game, but just wanna mention my opinion

Paradox_Ramps @paradox-ramps

I understand what are you saying but I am kinda new to this Mod making and this is the second map that I ever made. but in the future, I will try to make some bigger maps.

DBrown_XD @dbrown-xd

Hey dude... Just keep doing you. Trust me when I say the community just appreciates a homie that puts out new places for us to hit up. Keep up the work and thanks for the parks.


Hey bro loving the parks. If you need any help or just tips or anything HMU.

Paradox_Ramps @paradox-ramps

Tnx bro and if will need some help I will hit you up.