Skater XL

Area Distribution TF by DH13 for Skater XL

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Published by 5iftyone (mod ID: 1153969)


An indoor park map by DH13 for Area Distribution




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Green_Onions @green-onions2

great park, I find the height of the ceiling/lights are a tad distracting (could just be me) but the flow and spacing is really good to skate, nice stuff!

UnseenUnit @unseenunit

Kinda agree with you (neon tubes in particular introduces a lot of flickering/aliasing even on 1440p Ultra setting with TAA enabled).

Also I think you should maybe add more details like a garage door, some pipes/fans for the ceiling, maybe windows (instead of just a whole in the wall) to increase the realism.
And more modules (like kickers, flatbars, etc...) would be ok too, you've enough space here.

Overall it's a decent map.
Very light file (probably excellent for low end computers).
Thanks !

BroWhatYT420 @browhatyt420

if you dont see unseenunit under a map is it really a map? JK you're awesome bro and take the time to critique respectfully.

UnseenUnit @unseenunit

I love mods in general for plenty of various games, so if i can say a thing or two on a project who catch my attention. That's just my way to show some support.
Thanks for your kind words too.

Natbat @natbat

could you fix the benches?

st.jovani @stjovani

None of the benches have working grind colliders.

evolblue90 @evolblue90

nice edit! and great size! thanks
damn that slappy rail on that bank is sooo much fun!