Skater XL

Better Replay Mod for Skater XL

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Published by froquede (mod ID: 2153273)


Mod for better replay, it supports hinges (doors, that springfield map seesaw,...) and rigid bodies (things that have physics - not Cloth) for now
I will be trying to add objects with animations and cloth simulation in the next versions.

You don't need to do anything in this mod, it detects the objects every time you load a map
For installing just drag the zip file into UnityModManager

This version probably only works with the XL Alpha build

Original ObjectTracker component took from the open-source version of xxlmod3 by dawg





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Drinya88 @drinya88

Make mod for Replay Editor that could add Slow-mo.

bushwickerman.IO @bushwickerman91

not sure what you mean; in dawgvinci's XXL3 Stats Mod you can adjust your replay playback speed, combined with this mod it should let you export smooth slow-speed high-frame-rate clips

nadreamsta1636338120 @nadreamsta1636338120

im a little confused as to what exactly this does? can someone explain better?

bushwickerman.IO @bushwickerman91

objects in game that have properties that allow them to move, such as animations or rigid bodies as their called, used to stay static in the place you went into replay editor, with this it allows the objects to move. as fro explains

froquede @froquede

xl doesn't track objects other than the skater / skate for playing on replay
what this mod does is track those objects so they act in replay as they acted on gameplay mode

FIEND.CRÜ @fiendcr

you onto something with this

Brookzee99 @brookzee99

It looks like this is tracking all rigidbodies in the scene, including the skater. I'm getting weird issues with the skater eventually skating into the ground, twisting arms and it does some really weird stuff to the rigidbodies in OGDT. This is why Dawg made the component to be added by map makers to specific gameobjects. That way only the those components were being tracked, and not the skater too. If I am wrong about the skater being tracked I apologies, but my skater is doing some weird stuff

froquede @froquede

It doesn't track "internal" game objects, there's the list of objects it ignores:

"Gameplay Camera", "NewIKAnim", "NewSteezeIK", "NewSkater", "Pin", "Camera Rig", "CenterOfMassPlayer", "Lean Proxy", "Coping Detection", "Skater Target", "Front Truck", "Back Truck", "Skateboard", "Slater_foot_r", "Slater_Leg_r", "Slater_UpLeg_r", "Slater_foot_l", "Slater_Leg_l", "Slater_UpLeg_l", "Skater_hand_r", "Skater_ForeArm_r", "Skater_Arm_r", "Skater_hand_l", "Skater_ForeArm_l", "Skater_Arm_l", "Skater_Head", "Skater_Spine2", "Skater_Spine", "Skater_pelvis", "Skater_foot_r", "Skater_Leg_r", "Skater_UpLeg_r", "Skater_foot_l", "Skater_Leg_l", "Skater_UpLeg_l"

But maybe i forgot something, its only the first version, thanks for reporting!

froquede @froquede

You can check on UMM log which objects the mod is adding the ObjectTracker component too

Nikkelas @nikkelas

This is promising, please keep working on it

froquede @froquede


Slabs_xl @slabs-xl

Could you at some point make a build of this that would work with version 1.1 please

froquede @froquede

yes sir, i will be taking a look at making 1.1 builds

smellymeff @smellyjoey


phiily @phiily

is there a specific version this is built to run on?

froquede @froquede

This version was built using the xl alpha files, it probably only works with alpha versions