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Binary - Server_Room for Skater XL

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Binary - Server_Room

Binary's private park is now open to the public!

This park has been in the works on and off for the last 5 or so months.
A streets/ park hybrid, so feel free to film clips here and don't feel guilty about putting them in your video parts!

Some iconic spots have been paintstackenly recreated to skate in the comfort of Binary's warehouse, and others are dream spots thought up by the team...
Did we mention we have a mini-ramp too?

We got some community artists involved in creating some Binary themed art: DEMZILLA, Cameo, A8USE and derry_k.

If you want to support me and my work, feel free to donate a virtual cup of tea:




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Yung_Young_ @yung-young

Nice spots

Ollie795 @ollie795

Hell yeah Aaron, you absolutely killed this one! Textures are crisp and the flow is really nice. I really like the design choice to have a mixture of skatepark and street obstacles too. You've taken FakeSkate to a whole new level

Joob_JKB5 @joob-jkb5

Love this map! has a great flow and great concept. only thing is i reckon its a bit dark. still a fun map regardless!


Thanks man, the darkness was a design choice. It was a lot darker before believe me haha. It’s meant to be night, if you look through the skylights.

AcktshualGaming @acktshualgaming

Dope map - Quick overview - Sub to get notified of new dope maps!

NaS121 @nas121

looks dope!

Texasgamer5 @texasgamer5


UnseenUnit @unseenunit

Just few things:
-Can you increase a bit the height of the ceiling above the mini ramp ?
Depending on your physics stats it's quit easy to hit it (at least on the highest part of the mini), and so probably even more with vanilla gravity. It's not like a big problem since you can ride it if you don't go crazy on it.

-The concrete ledge in front of the mini ramp entrance produces a metallic sound for the splines, when it should produces a concrete grind sound. Because it looks 100% concrete for me.

-On the green inclined plan (the electric box), I've 3 ideas:
1- Maybe you should move the line of bolts at the bottom (mainly for gameplay purposes). Because they're a bit in the way and you can hit them sometimes, it will be better to just jump above and it will be easy to hit these brick ledges from the windows on top.

2- Can you add a metallic sound when you slam your board on these panels and maybe a subtle electric ambient noise to it ? It will make that spot even more satisfying to skate.

3- If you can replace the actual "electric logo" on it (it looks cheap), and since these panels have nice realistic texture it would be cool to have a rusty metallic plate with the same symbol instead.


I've just noticed I talked with you last week Aaron and about your first map Level Zero. And I can tell you reach a new level with this one, if not two !
Textures looks nice, the lighting feels just right, and the flow is very good.
Even if I'm not into fakeskate brands, this Server Room is one of the best indoor skatepark I've seen for visuals and level design.
And so again, I think this is another recent map with high chances to become an official one (especially since you've no real brands into it).



Thanks for the input, I will follow up with why I did what I'ev done, and most of the stuff you've come back with has already been stuff I've thought about.
-The mini room ceiling height I chose to stick to since this is more a realistic park for realistic physics, so if people are planning on trying to get big air to do some 900s then it's not really the ramp for them.
- The ledge/ mani pad infront of the mini room, does infact have some metal sides, if you look closely. So that's why it sounds metallic.
-I put the bolts on the electric box to create a challenge, there are a few gaps in there so you can squeeze though, but ultimately, I wanted it to be harder to skate, so it's more - street authentic.
-Unfortunately without some scripting knowledge, you can't add metallic surface sounds to items... blame Easy Day.
-The electric logo... you good point.
Again thanks for the input!
It's all a learning process, maps aren't really my thing but I like to dabble in them every now an again!

UnseenUnit @unseenunit

- I know some ceilings can be low in some homemade skateparks, but even if you don't try a 900 and with some custom gravity settings you can hit it or the lamps (which are even lower). Yes it's totally possible to ride it but you really need to slow down your speed, it's not always easy to keep your momentum even with modified stats but I also keep in mind the console version with vanilla settings which are really floaty. I think 1 extra meter of space should clear any collisions (but it's up to you).

- I looked closely but for me it looks like concrete. Again nothing really game breaking here.
I think these metallic parts are more distinctive on your "Binary module" (see screenshot 4 in the gallery), it seems they've a reflective surface attached to it.

-For the bolts, yep again you can still keep them like that, it was just to make that spot a little more fluid to reach theses splines on top (which are even more complicated to hit right). But ok I understand the reasoning here. About the "slam sound" on a metallic surface, pretty sure I've seen a map with that feature (unfortunately I don't remember in which map it was), but if you don't have the knowledge that's fine (but maybe someone here or on Discord can help you). At least, if you can add an electric ambiant noise and put on a better logo on top, I'll take them. :)

Anyways thanks in advance for any modifications you want to make for this project.
And if "maps aren't really your thing". Then I can't wait the day it will be :D


I'll definitely take note of this, since I do plan and updating this map every now and again to keep it fresh.

-The electronic noise I can set it up, but it's all meant to be a 'fuex' street environment, and that whole spot including the bumps is taken from a real life spot.. just make slightly easier to skate in game.

-But as much as I want to take the console base into consideration, it's built around realistic physics so that it can be more enjoyed byt the team, and the rest of the fake skate community.

-I do have more ideas for future maps if I ever get round to it... they are a huge under taking, and this one took a lot longer than I thought it would!

UnseenUnit @unseenunit

No doubt it took you a while to make it, but it paid off. 100% confirmed with that one.

By the way if you know why I'm not notified when an update drop (it's been like a month now for me). I didn't receive notification for maps and mods that I subscribed. Bit annoying.

I dont know if it's my browser (I use Mozilla Firefox) or this website. And I didn't see the little window when you click the file to download it (open or save as), it directly download the archive without asking between these 2 options. So maybe it's the who changed something recently but I didn't find a solution.


From what I've heard, the updates not being pushed to users is something to do with itself.

UnseenUnit @unseenunit

Ok thanks for the info.

GuineaTigg @guineatigg

NGL i love how both of you are responding to eachother in the same
- Format xD

UnseenUnit @unseenunit

At least it's clear.

Justindian90 @justindian90

Awesome map! Got stoked right away and made an edit.


Thanks for the support man!

Rubbish_Heap420 @rubbish-heap420

Nice job πŸ‘πŸ‘


Appreciate that!