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Brooklyn Blue Park for Skater XL

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Published by jenkemmag (mod ID: 517322)


Presented by Brooklyn's own Jenkem, and built by MediumBurnt and TaitJames, here's a map to bring Brooklyn to Skater XL.

Officially part of “Martinez Playground,” Blue Park is a makeshift skatepark located next to a public middle school in Brooklyn’s East Williamsburg neighborhood. We say “makeshift” mainly because the only permanent obstacles are three oblong manual pad-esque contraptions that would barely constitute a skatepark anywhere in the world. But apart from that, there are a ton of other DIY obstacles scattered throughout the rest of the park.

We took the latest iteration of Blue Park and turned it digital, so people all over the world could pop in and roll around our beloved local park. And just because we could, we threw in some nods to other notable Brooklyn spots, like Crown Heights' Jungle DIY, the Tekashi stair set, and more, which you can discover as you explore.

Texture Support: Fizzle McCoy




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ministeez @ministeez


sucksman @sucksman

thanks for the park JENKEM!

Bisk8Visual_Magazine @bisk8visual-magazine

Much love guys!!

frankiebrodude @frankiebrodude

Thank you for some sweet spots. I'll be coming back here often!

gayjesus1610663198 @gayjesus1610663198

this is dope. the only problem i have is that the bank to bench at pratt(red building next to other court) is not good. it's more of an actual bank than a lump. im being picky because i go there...

ghowz @ghowz

for some reason this map is laggy for me. i shouldn't though, i have a good rig, so can you upload a light version? from what i've seen the cars and the buildings look pretty detailed, maybe that's why i have this weird input lag on this map.

on the other hand the park is dope, fun to skate

BigFergXL @bigfergxl

same for me, solid rig but I get frame drops in lots of spots. amazing map tho.

UnseenUnit @unseenunit

Just curious, what's your pc specs ?

ghowz @ghowz

ryzen 5 2600x, rx 590, 16gb ram

UnseenUnit @unseenunit

Not the best rig, but not so bad.
The game is on your SSD ? 1080p or 1440p ?
Ingame graphics preset ?

ghowz @ghowz

yeah its not the best of the best pc, but i can run pretty much any game at 1080p high-ultra (even cyberpunk, but on medium), so this game shouldn't be a problem.
i have the game on HDD, as my SSD is too small, and my graphics preset is at medium, but i put it on low on maps that run worse, like this one. i've actually played this map again today and it runs better thankfully, but i still have some slight input lag. it's no biggie though, it's not that noticeable anymore so i can play it. i just think it ran worse yesterday because i alt+tabbed way too much

UnseenUnit @unseenunit

I see. You should run in Fullscreen Mode Exclusive, and not Borderless Mode, and avoid Alt+Tab.

ORV @orv

the buzzfeed of skateboarding has made us a map. great

deanncs @deanncs

Unreal lads, ******* killed it. <3


this park is amazing bro the once section im in love with i skated for 4 hours last night. i literally started making a new park based off that 1 section haha. i need a million variations of the ledge to ledge setup

jun485 @jun485

fun! and lots like the real place:)...great job

sucksman @sucksman

very cool map you guys killed it

ExalSB @exalsb

I totally agree with UnseenUnit. I love this map !
If I may, I would add that the Blue SUV in front of the stairs gap (close to the small area with the big floor's crack) should be removed.

Plus, You should tag it as : "Real World Spot" ;)

UnseenUnit @unseenunit

Few suggestions:
- I wouldn't refuse more DYI spots in certains areas (mostly in the streets all around the Williamsburg East Center, and why not of the roof of this building, plenty of space here). Half of the surroundings are filled with cars and things to do, while the other half is kinda empty.
- The foliage and these fences produce a lot of visual noise. Especially at distance and even with the game on 1440p Ultra with TAA (but I'm not sure you can do something about it without compromises).
- You should make invisible walls to prevent getting outside of the map.
- Some quirks: These BMX frames are way too long, missing glass panel behind these basketball hoops, some cars dont have colliders).

Besides that, these screenshots doesn't make justice to the map. Because this map is amazing in a lot of ways:
- Plenty of subtle spots ✓
- On point on the technical aspec:t Very nice textures, good lighting and skybox, almost everything works as intented) ✓
- Great attention to details ✓
- Nice depiction of Brooklyn's neighborhood ✓

Definitively a map I can ride for hours, I just hope you can add more stuff to do all around the main "skatepark area".

GTGNR @gtgnr

**** off this is not the super market where you make a list of all the things you want

UnseenUnit @unseenunit

Chill and go check out the definition of the word "suggestion".
Have a nice day.

jamanisablessman @kinerdneer

make a map yourself and shut up until then.

UnseenUnit @unseenunit

Same as above.