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Calamari's Crailtap Pack - 3 Items in One Box! for Skater XL

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Welcome to Moonrunner's Clothing and Skateboard Store / Company!

We have many products from our stores, Including the OG products and the partnered products such as Vans and some Indonesian and ASEAN products.

So, yeah. After we recalled and re-release the commemoration of MF DOOM, we got a box from the 'bitch-resting face SoTY from the 90's' - Mike Carroll - with a B-Grade imitation skin for SXL and 2 pieces of Bruised Heel decks with 3 Carroll-1 from Lakai. But, he didn't stop on that, Because....

  1. The Skin comes with the semi-accurate age and face details;
  2. The Decks that can be used with 7.25 or the OG 90's Deck with using ShapeMod; and
  3. The Carroll-1s are comes with 3 Colors - Blue-Black, Black and White-Red.

Beside that, Classic CT Shoes by CONS and the next release of Moonrunner's Collection is getting near. We also ready to release the DEEDZ also Alexis Skin for everyone who wants play as them too. Just stay tuned, because we also give you an early peek of the return of Rieder!


calamaris_crailtap_3-in-1_pack.zip34.8mb1.0 - Release


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