Skater XL

Controller Rumble Mod for Skater XL

Released (updated ago). Ranked 504 of 13,954 with 9,958 (1 today) downloads

Published by billowper (mod ID: 138381)


Requires Unity Mod Manager.

  1. Install with UMM
  2. Open the configuration window using F9.







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Verb8em @verb8em

To everyone saying it crashed the game: YES, IT DOES CRASH CURRENT VERSIONS!

My advice is always check the date added on the mods for this site... For example this one is 79d Old, there was just a small update to SXL on like 8.7.21 believe and before that it was the major update with the Multiplayer Beta and Public Verson i believe (i could be wrong on the version number) and those came out around 5.22.21. Which means Mods released before the game updates were broken because of the updates. I heard Milky say he thinks the physics werent changed enough this most recent update to effect most mods built for that older May update but I can't confirm that as I have updated my XXL3 mod already but if so basically any mod thats older than 2 months give or take a few days are going to crash your game. As most mods have to be updated to work when Easy Day updates the main games files. Idk know why this is how it is, it just is the way Unity works i guess. I recommend joining a SXL discord like the official SXL DIscord, Milkys, Dawg Vinci's as they will usually have the most up to date mods and working mod lists that work in the current game release.

TLDR: Mods older than the Most recent Official Steam Update from Easy Day Studios from roughly 60 days ago will probably break your game because Unity Mods need to be updated each time the game is updated and changed, Join a SXL related Discord channel for the most up to date *Working* Mod Lists

linsfreestyle @linslts

it crashed the game xd


how to open

luxor77 @luxor77

It crashed the game on the title, deleted it and the game worked fine. Any fix later?

Migthy_Python @migthy-python

finally <333

tpr1992 @tpr1992

Anyone know if it's possible to get this working with the beta? Just installed the beta and this is the one mod breaking the game, so I have to play without it for now unfortunately. Great mod that will be very missed...

stayweird16 @stayweird16

Update with the beta please i play more relaxed with this mod lol

boom1600049127 @boom1600049127

whas this mod do?

ImperiousStout @imperiousstout

Still love your mod, still crazy shocked that the devs don't have anything in the game themselves. It feels so flat and lifeless without the feedback. I missed it so much after the update broke mods like this.

raineydaze @raineydaze

Yeah has a permanent rumble on the new version.

dmillz2005 @dmillz2005

New version causes the controller to constantly rumble

MATHERS1596617087 @mathers1596617087


Migthy_Python @migthy-python

Thanks bro!! ❤️❤️❤️

MATHERS1596617087 @mathers1596617087

Ne marche pu pour moi depuis la maj, vous aussi?

415KiDD @415kidd

can someone post the best settings they use

jewbixcube @jewbixcube

In the latest version of SXL, the rumbling seems to stick on after popping an ollie and stays on for about 5-10 seconds even after you stop moving. Anyone else seeing (feeling) this?

Redgouf @redgouf

Yes, I honestly had to turn it off :( Waiting for a new update.

f4taL @f4tal

As there are A LOT of parameters, can we get them written in a file to share with friends?

AOD_Reborn @aod-reborn

New version causes the controller to constantly rumble

f4taL @f4tal

Same here.

EDIT: ALT+Tab fixed it.