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Cozy Backyard for Skater XL

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Published by matsyadas (mod ID: 178045)


Cozy Backyard is my first map ever, still in BETA version. Please, grab your skateboard and enjoy a peaceful sunny sunday on the backyard =)

Please, take a screenshot or a quick video of you playing the map. I would LOVE to see it =)

Also, your feedback is very important! Let me know how to better this map.

Stuff for next version:

- Making the decals work (i have placed decals to make the wood and floor seem more natural and things like that) but they are not showing in-game

- Adding more texture variations

- Improving light effects

- Adjusting some of the grindables to make them smoother

Credits: Thank you for all the support on the Discord channel. Picnic tables from Pactole , and some other stuff by Cg Trader. Huge thanks to Squeege for all his tutorials!

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partialmark @partialmark

This is my first time commenting on a map but the dimensions on this map are so damn perfect for default. I love bumping a crooks off the first rail into a lipslide. Flipping into grinds on the hubba is well timed. Only thing I'd change is a bit more space.

PureRiffery @pureriffery

Nice map. Something like Leticia Bufoni's backyard would be cool

matsyadas @matsyadas

Thanks! yeah her set up is great. Certainly an idea for future project =)

Eye4One @eye4one

Fun little map! As a previous poster mentioned it's a little cramped and that can make flow a little difficult but I managed to get a few clips.

matsyadas @matsyadas

Wow! What a video! You are very good and im really happy you were able to get this footages on the map. Well, i do think its a bit cramped but i didnt wanted to make like unrealistical... backyards usually are not very large. If more people are having a hard time hance spoiling the fun, then i will just space things. Or maybe make a map which is a bit bigger and withwith one or more obstacles. Anyhow, thank you so much for recording this, im really happy! =)

Eye4One @eye4one

Yeah it's the perfect size for a backyard :)

MaritimeSlacker @maritimeslacker

I like the layout of the map a lot! And everything seems to work great so far. The only thing I noticed is that it's pretty small, there isn't much room to breath between ramps. Maybe space things out a slight bit, but it's still a great map! :)

matsyadas @matsyadas

Ohh thank you! Yes, im considering that. I was afraid of losing the "backyard" idea, because, well, usually backyards are not very large, but if more players are feeling like that then i may just space things anyway. =) Thanks!

matsyadas @matsyadas

Share your thoughts! :)