Skater XL

Down Pro Model Mushskates (XLGM) for Skater XL

Released . Ranked 2,021 of 17,465 with 23 (0 today) downloads

Published by Down_Shoes (mod ID: 2257861)


12 Shoes for MUSH XLGM2 Asset in Link :




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Slappy671657916856 @slappy671657916856

Always happy to see some chunky skate shoes

TheBundertaker @thebundertaker

The small pp gang has arrived apparently lmao.

Sick shoes though, congrats to the homie Mush.

antikz @antikz

To the Downvoters... What's your problem? Seriously there's nothing negative about this release. If it's not your style, move on... I don't go disliking everything i don't like myself. Seriously the creator of these put's a lot of work into these releases. If you knew how long it takes to do one pair succesfully and how long he's been making them you might have a little appreciation. Go outside and touch some grass.... jeez...

I'm not trying to personally insult anyone directly but man this site is like a darker corner of the XL community. Over on Instagram we are all so friendly. Come here and people talk **** to eachother over minor topics, downvote every single item... has to have at least one lol where's the skater in you?

mushskates @mushskates

Thank you again for these man, so sick. 2 people that didn't check the video before down voting eh? LOL

Kurt_Cice @kurt-cice

I can't find the asset :(