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Easy Day High School Paradise w/ XL Object Dropper for Skater XL

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Published by joeaustin1990 (mod ID: 1691147)


I am still currently working on adding more stuff all around the map. The entire wooden skatepark is finished on the basketball and tennis court. More updates to come soon!

Put the .json file into your Documents/Skater XL/XLObjectDropper/Saves/Easy Day High School folder. Then boot up the game, go to the Object Dropper in the start menu, press Select on your controller, and go to the Load folder. Select Eazy 4, and you are good to go!

If you do not have this mod, here is the link.






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ratherlargepie @ratherlargepie

Please stop reposting this on the Discord. You're littering.

SeanTheSecluded @seanthesecluded

wait there's a different discord now?

joeaustin1990 @joeaustin1990

I'm not sure what you are referring to Ratherlargepie, I have never posted this on Discord... I have done some updates, but never on Discord. Maybe someone else is posting it there. Sorry about that.

GuineaTigg @guineatigg

You may not be reposting it, but every time you upload an update, it posts it again,

Personally... i dont know why that would be an issue, its posted in a channel purely for the bot and tbh if you really wanna see whats new on mod io you just sort by added.

but just to clear things up, you kinda are spamming without intention :'D

joeaustin1990 @joeaustin1990

Got it, I wasn't aware that it posted when I updated. Good to know for the future, so thanks for letting me know!

GuineaTigg @guineatigg

No worries dude, personally it doesnt bother me, i dont have the map editor installed but, from the screenshots it looks like you absolutely went to town on this :'D personally i see this more as a chance for inspiration <3

UnseenUnit @unseenunit

A lot of things looks overscaled and the last version (1.0.6) completely destroys my framerate because of the high amount of unique objects/props (and this is where the object dropper find his limits I guess).

However I can't deny the amount of work here and the patience required to build a map with that tool (because I tried myself and I can tell the controls aren't intuitive enough to me). So just for that, respect.

joeaustin1990 @joeaustin1990

Yeah I definitely agree there are a lot of high and fat rails lol, thats my favorite kinda stuff to skate in real life so i skate the same way in SXL, I'm not really a tech skater, I like skating fast and doing big solid tricks so my obstacles definitely reflect that and it's not for everyone. Plus i just loveee the feeling of a noseblunt on a super fat rail or high ledge. I built all of the stuff I wish other map creators had in there maps, so it's cool to see that some people are enjoying it.

I don't have the best computer and the map runs fine for me, except for in multiplayer its gets a little laggy sometimes. Oh well, sorry about that dude. And I appreciate the kind words, I definitely put my heart and soul into the map. And yes, it was no easy task to make a good map using object dropper, it's really annoying how limited and clunky the interface its. Plus no object clicking together option like in skate 3, so you have to just eye everything out and hope it skates smoothly lol

UnseenUnit @unseenunit

I tested all 3 versions you uploaded, and even with the first version the performance impact is quite notable. Based on your files:
-First version have around 500 objects.
-Second version have around 800 objects.
-Third version have around 1200 objects.

But in the last one I'm below 100 fps (and it's kinda inconsistent too) when I'm locked at 144 fps in the base version, so the fps impact is significative here. It's still playable but feels clunky.
I play this game in 1440p Ultra Settings with an i7 9700K, a 2080RTX, 16Go of DDR4 and the game on SSD. so I don't think your framerate is fine especially if you don't have the best PC (unless you run this game on low res/low settings).

My 2 cents:
I think to make the most out of this tool, you need to work on smaller maps and just enhance few spots (or fix them) and try to be really cautious about the number of objects you put in it instead of trying to build an entire new map on top an of existing map (like you did for the wooden section in the last version).
I mean I can't imagine how much time it took you to put 1200 objects in the first place. This is kinda crazy to me.

joeaustin1990 @joeaustin1990

Thanks for doing that test dude and thanks for that info thats really helpful. I will definitely take that into consideration on my next project. I play at 1080p, so it's too bad it's giving you problems, but you live and you learn. This was my first time making an object dropper map in SXL so I didnt realize there was a limit. Thanks again!

UnseenUnit @unseenunit

No problem.

Also I suggest you to maybe try to fill an empty map like this one made by STPN:

It's smaller and empty, so I guess this kind of map can maybe help you about the quantity of objects you can put in and ultimately about the optimisation.

I know it's different because you'll made something from zero rather than enhance an existing spot, but I think it could be interesting to see what you can achieve without "pre existing stuff". And if you choose to do so, you don't need to be super crazy about the level design, sometimes a couple of quarters, few rails and legdes are enough to have a good time. It's all about the flow and smoothness at the end.

joeaustin1990 @joeaustin1990

Thats a great idea! That is what i'm going to do next for sure. It would be really fun to make something with the object dropper from scratch and see what i can come up with. I've learned a lot from doing this first one, and I think i could do something really awesome with a lot of free space to build. Thanks again for being so awesome and helpful, really appreciate it.

UnseenUnit @unseenunit

That's nothing, glad you appreciate constructive feedback, I wish you good luck if you attempt this idea. Take your time and be cautious about the scale ;)

joeaustin1990 @joeaustin1990

Thanks buddy and will do! I will always still have some high and fat rails cuz they're my favorite but i'll make sure to be more inclusive for those with a lower high pop than me.

mendipe @mendipe

If I load that on mal editor 1.3. it Will run??
Amazing Creative línes.

joeaustin1990 @joeaustin1990

Hmm it's an Object Dropper map not a map editor map, so I don't think it will work. I put a link to download the XL Object Dropper in the description.

mendipe @mendipe

No problem i install object dropper. I think that It hacmve a los of potencial.
From your map, very good spot, but i think that rail are very high.

joeaustin1990 @joeaustin1990

Yeah i really like high obstacles, there are lots of low rails too not sure which rails you are talkin about. I appreciate it man.

mendipe @mendipe

In general. With my stats only can make board

joeaustin1990 @joeaustin1990


mendipe @mendipe

Jeep going with your projects. I think a los of time make modificaciones of the Maps. But at the final, i finish making a new map.
Once idea. Make a slope stile, making a course on the map. School map is amazing for this.

joeaustin1990 @joeaustin1990

Good idea! Slopestyle would be really cool.