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Embarcadero Plaza for Skater XL

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Published by EasyDayStudios (mod ID: 737042)


When it comes to landmarks in skateboard history, you’d be hard pressed to find more hallowed ground than San Francisco’s Embarcadero Plaza during the 1990’s era. Everyday, SF locals and skaters from across the globe would come to EMB to write new pages in the book of skate history on the red bricks, stairs, blocks, ledges and the infamous Gonz Gap.

Our ode to the era, is a tribute to this iconic location, packed full of all of the features that made it famous. True to the original, but optimized with additional elements of gameplay.

An original creation of Easy Day Studios, our art and design team has created an environment that will transport you to the 90’s San Francisco waterfront, from wherever you are in the world. Whether it’s technical ledge lines or Gonz Gap glory you’re after, Embarcadero is a blend of nostalgia and newness.

While we have added DIY elements around the map to include new lines and additional gameplay options, Embarcadero’s most notable features are true to the time and ready for you to make your mark.

We are very excited to put this map into player's hands and can’t wait to see all the video parts that come out of it. Thank you as always for all your support!





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Skatetastic @skatastic

It is a little plain, but it is exactly what we were looking for. A simple plaza.

ZaRaz2001 @zaraz2001

I love this place!

Sneakatoke420 @sneakatoke420

I will never understand why people hate on EasyDay when they still play the **** out of their game acting like they coulda done it better or something. ****** clowns lmfao.

The map aint bad, not my favorite but its fun,

Lbleachey @lbleachey

bruh these comments, im dead lmao

KareemJohnson @kareemjohnson

"An original creation of Easy Day Studios" - straight stolen from burnts map lmaoooo

bobdaswan @bobdaswan

"An original creation of Easy Day Studios"

PsyB0t611 @psyb0t611

This map makes me hate plazas. Everything is spread out too far and EZ Day STILL had to add things in to make it a touch interesting. Look at Sessions making Love Park and the surrounding Philli area. Its good!

Kaaaapow @kaaaapow

I Cant belive that Easy Day release a map like this. Its so small and plain. I love how Community created maps are incredible. Think its time Easy Day either put just a tiny bit of effort in or sell the game to someone who will actully make the game good.

Addybear7 @addybear7

Ha! Look at these ratings! I think they are 100% justified. Maybe Easy Day should just sell/hand the game over to someone else?

crucial.exe @crucialexe

Looks great, but the size of the map and the performance SUCKS (compared to any other Easy Day map)

Stunning visuals, but disappoint when I couldn't spawn at the top of those amazing steps. :( Thumbs down, Easy Day...
Focus on coding stats and optimizations,
stay away from the maps,
the community has proven to have you covered in that department.

Let me play with my console friends someday?

Again... thumbs down Easy Day. This map was a tease.

maximrelaxin @maximrelaxin

Not too bad but overall pretty disappointing. Was hoping for a bigger map with the design creativity of EDHS or DTLA.

UnseenUnit @unseenunit

I just tested the 1.3 version.

Almost everything seems works as intented.
I just seen fews quirks (highlighted on these screenshots):
-2 missing splines (in pink).
-1 missing texture (in blue).
-The big stair and his 2 ledges have low res textures (in orange), compared with any others high res textures (as you can clearly see here: )
-A strange black line texture artifact appears at the bottom of the stair (in red)


Other than that, it's a well made map.
Ok maybe not the most exciting one when you think about San Francisco and his hills (it's a plaza you know, so it's kinda flat by definition).
But if you like to be technical, this place will remind you the first map of this game aka the L.A. Courthouse:

-It's an iconic place. So it's not that big in terms of superficy, but every famous spots are here. ✓
-It's a realistic depiction on the 90's layout. A lot of things have changed since. So having the old shool version make more sense. ✓
-It's all about creativity. At first you didn't notice all the spots, lines or transferts you can do. Just like in real life. ✓

About optimisation and graphics. It runs well and it looks good. As always with Easy Days maps.
The architecture just feels right, like that unusual fountain, these edifices all around (like the Ferry Building) or the double curved staircase with the golden "Embarcadero Center logo" on top.

Just one thing I would like to have for official maps. Ambient sounds.
It lacks on that departement. No traffic noise, no birds or water sounds.


That's being said, it's clearly not the most ambitious map (if you compare it with High School Campus or Downtown Los Angeles).
Maybe it means they're working on others parts of the game. We can only hope.

Some people seems really angry here against Easy Days Studios, I can't say I am. Just don't forget it's a small team.
The PC modding community is bigger, so obviously more content get out of it.

But for sure, we need more communication, and so we need to know if this game is going to evolve on the gameplay side in the near future, like for exemple:
-New tricks ? Darkslide, primo, or anything cool you can think of.
-Improved physics ? It's now better than the first version of the game, but some room for improvements can be made. Some really weird bugs still happens.
-Ingame graphics settings menu ? Without mods this game doesn't have a complete settings menu. On PC, it's really unusual to just have a launcher with only few "graphics quality presets".

For me as a PC player, this is what I waiting the most.

bobdaswan @bobdaswan

I **** with you these guys suck ***

maximrelaxin @maximrelaxin

One of the only situations where UnseenUnit's hyper critical comments seem to be pretty fitting...

SkittleMcTitty @skittlemctitty

Cool map. Just bring stats menu to the console peeps, come on guys. It's all they want.

FALLAF @moonrunner-associate

First thing first: It's good to see EMB get a much respect for this game. Bad news is the size and variety is ******* suck (i'm being honest for this one).

Tbh, EMB map is just so potential but the size is too small for explore. Only spot that I really love is just Gonz Gap and that's it. They barred the EMB center Rails and some potential spots outside the map (probably would updated for next week or something but IDK). Also, missed the opportunity for add another spots that could be banger on there like the Streetsides spots and secret spots like 5th & Army. But yeah, some positive things are the lightning are so enjoyable, the scale still respectful to the real EMB and the vibes are match with SXL base games. So it's 6.2 for me.

mendipe @mendipe

De verdad?? La gente creando mapas increíbles y vosotros subís una triste plaza que no tiene nada para patinar?? Y los diy spots poco ingeniosos y imaginativos. Muy mal easy days. Sobre todo cuando la comunidad está pidiendo otras cosas. Dónde están las stats por ejemplo?? Dudo que está pantalla se pueda disfrutar en consolas.
De la versión para switch nos olvidamos. No??? Esto lo escribe alguien que lleva 1400 horas jugadas a vuestro juego y que seguiré haciéndolo. Pero cada día con un poquito menos de ilusión.
A la espera de escuchéis a la comunidad.

alolaregion @alolaregion

What's the purpose of filling in the fountain and adding all the extra barriers and construction blocking spots when it's a spot that has been heavily skated in recent videos?

UnseenUnit @unseenunit

This maps takes place in the 90's era. It's mentionned in the description.
Easy Days also says they added some DIY stuff for gameplay purposes.
So it's different from what you can see in recent videos (Some spots, like exemple the Gonz Gap doesn't exist anymore).

MadFugginDecent @madfuggindecent

"Mom, can we get some Burnts San Fran?"
"No honey, we have San Fran at home"
The San Fran at home: