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Forever Doing Stuff Retirement Center for Skater XL

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Forever Doing Stuff Retirement Center

This premier activity location and senior retirement center is located in Hialeah, Florida. As an epicenter of entertainment during the 70s and 80s, it hosted several high profile tennis tournaments and artists from around the world.

After a locally protested change of leadership in 1996, the occupancy slowly began to decline. Around this time, reports began to surface of a connection with the mob. Despite financial crisis, the center managed to maintain some small events.

In early 2014 the center was featured in a tell-all exposé. Allegations arose of an online racket selling the seniors arts and crafts for profit on Etsy. Though some employees were charged, the mob connection was never proven. Several lawsuits were filed againts the center after this, and it eventually filed for foreclosure on February 15th, 2015.

The building and its history has remained after ownership was traded from one investment firm to another. Now frequented by the occasional skateboarder and local athletes, the center's main audience is the local ghost hunters who believe the curator of the gallery can still be heard to this day.

Alright guys, been working on this one on and off for along time now. Think its finally time to set it free. Huge shout to to DEMZILLA for the original blueprints and design of this place as well as helping out with plenty of textures and artworks around the building, and of course the loading screen. If anyone would like to support my work you can buy me a beer over here.

Also if ya wanna skate the fountain in the art gallery I would suggest turning autobank lean off.

Much love. Enjoy dudes.




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cassxl @cassxl

sexy sexing map

fingerflip @fingerflip

So damn hyped to see this map again! a true classic.

LilSaladBar @lilsaladbar

This **** is that sauce!

ratherlargepie @ratherlargepie

Oh hey, it's still my favorite map. Best lines in town!!

pigeonthief_XL @pigeonthiefxl

Amazing work on this map, super impressive and really pushing the boundaries on what a Skater XL map can be. Had a blast skating it so I made a video on it, great job!

LazySKBXL @lazyskbxl

Such a cool map

iH8toastALOT @ih8toastalot

Out here doing gods work.

Triohs @triohs

One of the best maps is finally back!! Lets gooo ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ

BroWhatYT420 @browhatyt420

blessing us all

xryae @xryae


SusJuice @susjuice


LurkerLew @lurkerlew


sixth.fs @sixthfs


ROOXG @rooxg

It's back YESSSS

Hoenir @hoenir

Yes! Thank you!! This used to be my absolute favourite map! <3 Spent so many hours when this first released on the old modding discord

Properxl @properxl

you did it again! you never cease to amaze me! <3

chewy666 @chxwy666


UnseenUnit @unseenunit

-Every trees truncks, ivy plants and grass details have that bug with draw distance. (Here the Yaky's map, but same problem).
I don't know why so many new maps are affected by this problem. Related to Unity or a particular bundle of assets that a lot of modders uses ?

I run SkaterXL v1.2.2.5 (official branch) if it can helps, I also tested with and without XLGraphics (still affected). Hope you can fix that because it's kinda visible/distracting in a map of this caliber.

-Another thing, the loading of the map is longer than most modded maps (including all your previous maps), any chance that you can also improve that part ?

That being said, lighting, textures, glass material, environnemental sounds, everything is insanely detailled here.
This map was one of my favorite few years ago, and this new version have that "jaw-dropping moment certified" when you discover it for the first time or if you revisit it like me.
Clearly one of the best overhaul I've seen (and pretty cool trailer !).

I think this is your best map yet. And I hope this one will be added as an official one in the near future.

MikeDanHan @mikedanhan

Those are just lods. They are used in every game to optimize performance. No since rendering a 10k poly tree when its only taking up 50 pixels on a screen. Also the map build is compressed since I used alot of prefabs. Longer loading time but it would be a little over a gig file size if I used chunk based. So worth the extra 15 seconds imo. So yeah its just performance choices I made.

UnseenUnit @unseenunit

I know how lods works. But they didn't work correctly in your map (at least for me, I doubt I've a conflict with another mod, and most modded maps I've got doesn't have this problem).

Longer loading time doesn't bother me that much, it's just think it's strange that many maps (even bigger ones and equivalent in terms of quality) have a shorter loading time than this map.
For science purposes, I tested some of your maps and some few ones from differents mappers about their loading times, here the results with my PC:
(I7 9700K, 2080, 16Go of DDR4, game on SSD, 1440p Ultra Settings):

Your maps:
-This map: ~27 seconds
-Newport Plaza: ~4 seconds
-Green Block: ~3 seconds
-The Courts NYC: ~9 seconds

Other maps:
-The XL Mall by Jean-Olive: ~3 seconds
-33 Bralunit Lane by Bralunit: ~7 seconds
-Carverton Plaza by Seanie Blue: ~5 seconds
-Le Dome by Goya: ~5 seconds
-Macba (v0.1) by Boris The Cheater: ~10 seconds
-Rozio City Plaza by Alex Laskka: ~4 seconds

Loading times could be a bit better, your performance choices doesn't really work as much as you think here.

Also I can livestream the game for you if you're interested, and show you these broken lods.
Your others maps are fine on this subject (I noticed some trees pop-in on the "The Courts NYC" but at more reasonnable distance and nothing quite distracting as this one).

Please don't hate me, as I said I love most of your maps, and I know you put some much passion into them, I mean this one is probably the most complex one you've done yet. I really hope you'll take a look to this, because maps like these are the real gems of this game :)