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Freckles, Make-up, Black Underwear and Red hair! for Skater XL

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Published by Jer9-Carver (mod ID: 145952)


This was more of a personal use mod, but I figure some of you out there might like it too.

The overall goal was to add freckles and recolour the underwear or just the bra to black.
As a bonus, there is also natural red coloured hair and special skins that change the eye brows to the similar natural red colour.

The skins have been divided in different folders. Each folder can also contain these words in the .PNGs names:

mf = More freckles over the body and head, the standard versions do not have freckles on the body.
nr = Indicates it is part of the Natural Red series.

The following folders contain:

- Black_Bra folder will only contain the reskin of the bra to black and contains the default undies.
- Black_Underwear folder will contain the fully recoloured underwear to black.
- Black_Underwear_Alt folder will contain the fully recoloured black underwear, but the undies text will be lighter in colour.
- Natural_Red folder will contain the black_bra, Black_underwear and Black_underwear_Alt variant, but will also change the eye brows to a more natural red colour.
- Hair folder contains the natural red hair that's supposed to be combined with Natural_Red.

- Natural_Red_Light contains all the light skins with natural red eyebrows.
- Light_skin contains plain light skin version of the black underwear
- Ligh_Skin_Makeup contains all the skins related to the make up versions. Also contains an addition folder for more freckles.

Update 2.0.0: Decided to also recolour the undies to black. The alternate version has the undies text in a lighter colour.

Update 2.0.1: People were reporting having issues with the .Zip file, so I used different zip methods. So if you managed to get the 2.0.0 files, no need to download this version.

Update 3.0.0:
- Revised the naming of the .PNGS to a more simple variant, so future names won't be too long. (MAKE SURE TO REMOVE MY OLD VERSIONS IF YOU INSTALL 3.0.0)
- Divided the skins into folders
- Added bodies with more freckles.
- Added a face type with more freckles.
- Added skins that change the eyebrows to a natural red colour.
- Added natural red coloured hair.

Update 4.0.0:

- Added a light skin for the black underwear option.
- Added default light skin with a more freckles variant.
- Added 4 types of make up styles. (green, blue, purple or "noir" aka smokey eyes with dark red lipstick.)
- Added light skin with natural red eyebrows, either with bra or tanktop.


Grab the FemaleBody and FemaleHead PNGs you desire, or alternatively grab one of the skin folders and place them in Documents/SkaterXL/Gear/Skins.

The hair can be placed in Documents/Skater XL/Gear/Hair.

Alternatively you can pick and choose your skin types. Make sure to select the FemaleBody and FemaleHead with the exact same name so they'll work together in-game.
If you want the face with less freckles work on a body with more freckles,
rename example: "FemaleHead_Med_Black_Underwear.png" to "FemaleHead_Med_Black_Underwear_mf.png" so it links to FemaleBody_Med_Black_Underwear_mf.png".

In order to see the sports bra, you'll have to equip a custom shirt, delete it and then reload the game. The female character will show up invisible, then just swap between characters and she should appear with the sports bra afterwards.

In order to see the undies, you'll have to equip a custom pair of pants, delete it and then reload the game. The female character will show up invisible, then just swap between characters and she should appear with the undies afterwards.








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JoshSharp23 @joshsharp23

Best skin pack ever thanks Jer9-Carver. It would be great if you can add makeup and the option for the light skin color on the more freckles option :)

Jer9-Carver @jer9-carver

Heya, sorry for the super late reply. I'm currently working on a light skin. its a bit trickier than the medium-light one as the head and body skin colour don't match up as well, leaving rather visible lines around the neck. I'm trying to get that fixed, so it takes a bit longer. If you got any suggestions for make-up choice, feel free to give them!

JoshSharp23 @joshsharp23

Hey its alright and take your time but i do have one choice for make up and its this

Thanks for your time and your great mods :)

Jer9-Carver @jer9-carver

The make up variant is up. It's in light_skin_makeup / More_freckles and then get the "FemaleBody_Light_makeup_purple_mf.png" and "FemaleHead_Light_makeup_purple_mf.png". That skin is based on the one you linked. (You can also see previews of the make up in the screenshots on this page!)

JoshSharp23 @joshsharp23

Thank you so much for this and your time your a lifesaver! :)

JessePinkm1596475952 @jessepinkm1596475952

It keeps saying the folder is empty am i doing something wrong?

confuzled @confuzled

Why does this have the wheel tag?

Jer9-Carver @jer9-carver

I honestly don't know, thank you for bringing it to my attention, though! I removed it.

PanicSpeed @panicspeed

how do i get the top to work

Jer9-Carver @jer9-carver

In order to see the sports bra, you'll have to equip a custom shirt, exit the game, delete the custom shirt and then start the game. The female character will show up invisible, then just swap between characters and she should appear with the sports bra afterwards when you go back to the game.

Chavez1596447138 @chavez1596447138

So when I try to do the trick to get the shirt to disappear the shirt just changes to a default white T. Not even the basic white T that's in the game. The tat mod that similar has the same results. Hoodies on the Male character will disappear using the trick but the skins wont replace anything. Its either clothing or invisible, No shirtless

Sketchy561 @sketchy1596381156

Says the zip folder is empty

Jer9-Carver @jer9-carver

Hmm, you're the second person who has issues with the zip file. I'll try uploading it again with different zip methods. Tell me if the file 2.0.1 works!

Sketchy561 @sketchy1596381156

Works now. Thank you!

BuddyGoodfella @buddygoodfella

can not open the zip folder

Jer9-Carver @jer9-carver

Oh, that's strange! See if changing the extension from .zip to .rar works.