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Heritage Lot by Duzted (Beta) [1GigFile] for Skater XL

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Published by Duzted (mod ID: 166164)




A detailed, realistic parking lot with creative stuff to skate.

I have done everything to shrink the size down but nothin' works so I'm just gonna drop it as a beta and call it a day.




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curhs @curhs

is this still in beta?

Duzted @duzted

pretty much. i amputated two fingertips so map building is on hold for awhile

Laine @laine

you been killing it lately

Duzted @duzted

My guy

UnseenUnit @unseenunit

I think you shouldn't burn yourself on a huge map like this. For me this current map feels empty and the file size is still fat for what it is.

You proved to me (and you surprised me) few weeks ago with your medium size map "Heritage Plaza version 1.0.1".
And I think you should focus on this one, because you said to me you can improve skaters models and around the park.

I can only imagine, how much efforts you put on these "Heritage Lot" and "Heritage Center" maps, but to be honest and like you said it looks like beta maps (it's too ambitious imho).

So I think if you put the same efforts into a new Heritage Plaza version 1.0.2. It could be so good.
The base is solid, so now you just have to work on the details (add more props, graffitis, better 3D models for skaters, etc...).
I think you can re use some of the props you've on the Heritage Lot/Center maps (like this no waste), and you will save some time/efforts and your map size probably won't exceed 700 mo.

And at the end you could have a wonderful 100% finished and optimised project. You're really close actually.
The devil is in the detail. So please make this happens.

Duzted @duzted

yeah im movin on from all them for awhile. thats why i dropped just a street version

UnseenUnit @unseenunit

The Heritage Plaza version 1.0.1 is fine, but if you want to improve it later, count me in if you want feedback.

I really wonder why some people here dislike my previous post. I'm just saying it should take his time and don't burn himself on a huge project like this one. Just an advice and not an order.
If you dislike my post, at least explain why. My feedback here is constructive, also do you even trying his map, because I do, and I think it's a step backward compared to the "Heritage Plaza v1.0.1".

So yes I gave him my sincere opinion here. And since I only hope for the best, I prefer to open my mouth and tell him the pros and cons. I would take any dislike if you expose some arguments about why I'm so wrong.

Moon_Wheels @moon-wheels

it's the problem with the factual person, I can tell you have good intentions, and tbh every time I see you posting I read your comment because you are almost the only one who takes the time to try the maps and gives constructive feedback. Don't mind the ppl disliking you, maps maker need that kind of feedback. there is nothing interesting to get better when ppl are just posting "dope" or "rad map". Keep your work dude, it's valuable to the community.

Sippypoo @sippypoo

"almost the only one who takes the time to try the maps" Is total ******** lmao

UnseenUnit @unseenunit

And give constructive feedback. Don't forget that part.

And no I'm not the only one, also on that part. But for what I saw on this website, I didn't see a lot of people taking the time to do some "advanced" feedback.

UnseenUnit @unseenunit

Thanks for your kind words.

maksigm @maksigm

I think you get negative karma for your comments because your tone might be perceived as condescending and negative a lot of the time. Maybe consider less of an authoritative approach to avoid coming across as arrogant.
I've seen you often have some good, detailed constructive criticism, however the lack of positive reinforcement just makes it look sour. Maybe consider leading with some positive points more often.
Also remember that we can't see any of the maps you've created, so it's probably hard for people to take such critical advice from someone who's essentially just a backseat driver (prove me wrong)...

TLDR: It's not always what you say, but how you say it.

UnseenUnit @unseenunit

When I gave some feedback, I try to be realist as possible and really point what doesn't work in priority, because it's the most important thing imo. I mean if I was a mapper I would love to know what's wrong about my project, like this I can make it better the next time.

If I don't say something positive it's probably because the rest is positive and don't require a change (and I always say something positive btw). It also save my time to not say something evident or already said by someone else in the comment section, unless I want to add a little bit of details about a specific comment.

If only the people who disliked me, really read carefully what I said or even tested the map themselves, but no they just leave a dislike and run like cowards. Some people even dislike my own mods (I dont really care that much to be honest, but it's very sad to see that kind of reactions). And I noticed that, just after one of my post was burried. Coincidence ? I don't think so. I let you judge yourself on this point if my mods really deserve these dislikes.

If I posting more lines than usual, it's because I want to help the author. And that's all.

And I'm the kind of people you can define as "hardcore gamer", to summarize my experience with map testing:
- I don't know how to build a map, since I'm too lazy to learn, and since I prefer playing them. But I know it's not an easy task, especially if you aim for a very good map.

- I've around 340 hours on Skater XL (sure I've seen some people with a lot more, but still think it's a decent amount). I was here since the first mod being introduced (back to January 2019), I play it regularly since (almost daily), and I probably tested 90% of modded maps from the discord.

- To name a few, I also own similar and recent games with mods like: BMX Streets: Pipe (~300 hours), Descenders (~135 hours). Also Steep (~70 hours), the Snowboard Game (~25 hours), etc...). Not to mention I've played almost all famous action sport games between 1989 to now.

- Also worked few months as a game tester for several Ubisoft games (almost for level design modifications and gameplay balance).

- And last but not least, I've a fuckton of experience about "map testing & modded maps" in the game Team Fortress 2 , sure it's a FPS and it's different than an "action sport games" but TF2 is all about strong level design, where you can play the same map for thousand and thousand hours and not get bored (and trust me on this point, because I've an obscene amount of hours on it).
This game in particular teach me so much about what makes a map good or not, and I can translate this experience to others games even if it's not the same type. TF2 is my most played game (of all time by far) and Skater XL is the next one on Steam.

So yeah, I think I'm well placed to give some feedback about maps design in general. Some people don't like to heard some words but I try to be forthright and honest with my feedback. And in any case it's an obligation to follow my advices, it just some advices to help the author. Period.

Blucorsa @blucorsa

This is exactly it, it's very hard to convey emotion via text as opposed to in-person. Words written with good intent can sometimes come across as demeaning/insulting even if the person writing them means the opposite.

Try to avoid backseating or otherwise directing people because a lot of the time it comes across as a command instead of "maybe you could try this instead" or "I like X and I think it's a good start, but perhaps do Y or Z to improve", something that encourages but doesn't make the person feel forced.

UnseenUnit @unseenunit

I see what you mean, but I think some people just dislike for nothing these days.

Dwigity @dwigity

you regularly criticize minute details of things people made in their spare time for free. It would make sense to critique the full on game that was made for profit, but I doubt most of these mappers even want to hear your comments. A lot of your critiques just focus on what you would like to skate in an area, or why this map doesn't seem up to par for you. You should consider that a lot of the people that post maps were just having fun, and not trying to create some perfect thing. I know if you commented on my creative works with the same tone you use here I'd be super offended.

UnseenUnit @unseenunit

I know they're doing this on their spare time for free, but once you put something on internet and especially on a website where you can rate a map (with likes and dislikes), you should expect to see some differents opinions since we've the possibility to comment. Even if it's free. It doesn't matter.

It just my opinion at the end, I never told him to change the map exclusively for me in particular, I just want to say what I've in mind, on what can be improve. If this map doesn't seem up to par for me, I'm sure it will be the same for some people, because we're plenty here to have the same kind of standard about mods quality.

He can do what ever he want, follow my advices or other people advices, or make his own ideas to improve his project or stop working on this map. It's his choice.

I know some people doesnt' care that much about bugs and finitions, but you should also consider some people will probably prefer a very strong map in all aspects. It's not a shame to tell to someone what you think about his project. I'm just being frank with him.

If one day, you upload a mod, you don't have to be offended by someone who emit a suggestion and give you some feedback or hints to improve your project. Doesn't make sense.

If you read my first post again here, you'll see I'm a bit disapointed by this "new version" of this map, but in the second part if you read between the lines, you can see I've no doubt about his skills. And like Duzted, he knows I like his previous map, and he knows this map looks like a beta one in comparison.

Duzted @duzted

I’m not offended at all but very well said.

ANTICIDE @anticide

Huge thanks ! this is my favorite spot

sk8rboi @sk8rboi

is this different than Heritage Plaza?

Duzted @duzted

yeah its missing the park and is solely focused on one portion