Skater XL

Indoor Luxury THEMED Pushkin Park by C7T :) for Skater XL

Released (updated ago). Ranked 978 of 16,578 with 830 (1 today) downloads

Published by C7TJFVB7-CAZ (mod ID: 1675382)


YOU need the Main Map First:

doo me a favo and sub him and comment, this parks insane >)

DLCs are included to put into: Documents > Skater Xl > XlObjectDropper > Asset Packs (just copy paste them in there ;)

Pushkin Park_Modded to put into: XLObjectDropper > Saves

ADD ME on Steam if u wanna play :)




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WeWillNOTBeSilenced @godgavemefreedom

People stop hating

C7TJFVB7-CAZ @c7tjfvb7-caz

hell yeah, as if they patended it ^^

Snapped.loaded @topbunkbrat


Brookzee99 @brookzee99

Saying this is by Gpsmth in the title is just wrong dude. Peoole will think he made this. You are messing with his reputation

C7TJFVB7-CAZ @c7tjfvb7-caz

you dudes are so childish, i love this park and its based of HIS park just put a theme on it and a few objects, dont act like im hating on ppl, this is insane :P

GuineaTigg @guineatigg

i mean... what was childish about that? all you had to say was that its based off his park?

instead your acting like a victim of some mad hate brigade because of that, where tbh i can tell you right away the dislikes has nothing to do with that and more to do with the fact its an object dropper map in general, as thats.. how they all get rated

What confuses me more tho is that youv seemed to have put a bunch of effort into these object droppers and have made quite a few... whats stopping you from upping your quality and moving into custom maps rather than obj maps?