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Industrial Zone by Jean-Olive - Day for Skater XL

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Published by EasyDayStudios (mod ID: 1630947)


Industrial Zone by Jean-Olive is a classic street map from the creator of ‘Streets’, among countless other incredible maps. Industrial Zone is Jean-Olive’s rendition of a gritty industrial area complete with shipping bays, loading docks and construction equipment creating a unique environment designed for piecing together your perfect lines. The team at Easy Day worked with Jean-Olive to visually enhance the map’s texturing and lighting, as well as optimize it’s technical performance on all platforms.

In addition to the visual and technical optimizations, we have added the ability to move certain objects in the map to allow for even more customization and creative options. (*Note: to use this feature you need to opt into the DIY Map Editor Alpha Branch. To do this: Right click ‘Skater XL’ and open Properties, Select the ‘Alpha' branch) Throughout Industrial Zone, you will now find objects like construction materials, heavy equipment, and other environmental elements that are native to the map, that can be moved to any location in the map to create new skate spots. To use this feature, press and hold ‘Y/🔺’ to enter the DIY Map Editor and then select the objects.




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Crizly @crizly

Love this map, loved the modded one.

ChefNixon @chefnixon


whyfye @whyfye

i dont think ive benn so disapointed ever actually, why did you even make a v4 if your just gonna remove all that you added.

HanzoXL @hanzoxl

Check the profile that published the map and you should have your answer :)

evolblue90 @evolblue90

damn I never even noticed comment that until I just re-read that about some spots on V4 had spots inspired by other game, good eye!

whyfye @whyfye

when has easy day ever disappointed, i put all of the blame on jean olive for this... lol

UnseenUnit @unseenunit

For sure we lose that amazing sewer section in particular and few others ones for that new version, but we gain a graphic overhaul, few new spots and the fact we can now move some objects in the process. However I've seen some "cheap tricks" to save some fps in this new iteration, like:
-A silo floating in the air (in the background).
-The 2D buildings repeated 4 times in the background.

But that stuff isn't too noticeable to be honest.
At least on PC we still have the choice to play every version of this map. This new one is certainly a welcome addition from a console player's perspective I guess, they got another classic map for their game and they're now able to move some objects and create new things with them.

I can understand the disapointement in some regards, because we're all hungry for new gameplay mechanics/innovations.
The new "moveable map objects feature" is one of them, probably not the most wanted feature by the community (and only available for the alpha branch at the moment on PC) but it's still something interesting.

Floyd_ @v-v-v

Shame its a remake of the really old version from the alpha days, still looks very nice though.

evolblue90 @evolblue90

this always been one of my favorite maps!

jcleofe1634100645 @jcleofe1634100645

this is so sick man