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JTG Sunset Compilation Ported by Tigg for Skater XL

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Published by GuineaTigg (mod ID: 572205)


This map contains 3 IRL Parks to an almost 1:1 scale, i also left in some of the bmx specific props he added to the parks as they still felt like they could be cool to hit.

Santa Clarita, Epping (Australia, Not UK) and Fontana (some parks combined)

All of this is made by JTG,

I wont be adding much to this map currently as there isnt much more i can do texture wise as alot of the textures are attached to more than once face and looked strange.

- Im gonna be updating this park after my next port




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Hydropwnics @hydropwnics

Fixing textures and proportions, rounding out curves and making certain parts flow better would make this map so good. Hope it gets an update soon.

PeenurMobi1602963016 @peenurmobi1602963016

good map, found some boobies during the sesh



DayRan @dayran

YOOO thanks for making my hometown SCV park!

GuineaTigg @guineatigg

Thank JTG ;) but i must ask, how similar to irl is the Clarita park? iv obviously never been so its been kinda something iv been wondering, i know its a bit above scale but is it quite alot off?

DayRan @dayran

All honesty after playing it, most parts are off. Slopes where stairs should be, some features the scale was off (not the overall scale, just individual feature scales). The colors are off too if you're trying to be authentic with it. It was clear it was based off pictures/memory. The shape of it is almost perfect though. The big bowl with the overhead/overpass is great.

If you've never been, you'll love the map cause its fun. But for authenticity, it just feels off. I'll continue to play it for sure though cause like I said it is still a great created park.

GuineaTigg @guineatigg

Yeah i dont think he's actually been to the park tbf, hes an australian dude the guy who made it, was just curious of someone who's been to the parks opinion, and tbh i was originally trying to color match but then i gave up and just picked some pretty colors because the way the model is makes any serious texturing impossible.

im looking into a plugin that will let me directly paint onto models in unity which would mean i can change this in future

ExalSB @exalsb

It looks like a good and funny map, but...
It at least need a big light fix... the shadows on character are too strong.

AcktshualGaming @acktshualgaming

Dope map - Quick overview.

GuineaTigg @guineatigg

There will be an update at some point as I'm not happy with the trees but it won't be for a while as id also like to make any updates meaningful

KurbDogg420 @kurbdogg420

Nicely Done!!

Dope-x-Man @dopeman1603152182

holy mother, this is good ♥

Havoc_Skate_Co @havoc-skate-co

This is awesome!

durandocommando @durandocommando

Oh sweet baby jesus!