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Kiwanis Skate Plaza By GURU for Skater XL

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Published by xlGURU (mod ID: 1187145)


This is a re-creation of Kiwanis Skate Plaza in London Ontario Canada.

The map includes a custom dynamic weather mode that will allow you to experience periodical thunder storms as you skate around the park.

There are also a couple other small interactive Easter eggs around the map.

Note: If the weather gets stuck on, or you notice any UI bugs. The best fix is to reload the map.

If want more control of the weather with buttons, check out the sunny version: Kiwanis Skate Plaza (Sunny)

Map Created By: GURU

Screen Shots and Video By: RaTbag


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Kite1638693447 @kite1638693447

Made a little edit on this park! Hope you enjoy!

404#0420 @404unf

Didn't know someone had made a park from my province :O

SirDeLookie @sirdelookie

dude if possible add a lil snow storm for winter thatd be so rad

DizzyTalksToMuch @dizzytalkstomuch

Love This!

SirDeLookie @sirdelookie

i really love this map the rain and everything is life man need more maps like this

PixelatedOdyssey @pixelatedodyssey

I love it, the park is great, map is super well optimized (even for my baked potato), and everything works correctly! I think it would be cool if you added a way to select which of the three weathers it would be on top of having the cycle.

evolblue90 @evolblue90

very good work! thanks for this.

bushwickerman.IO @bushwickerman91

i score it a 9/10 great assets and very creative... super clean park. One thing I wish you woulda added was an indoor miniramp in the church to get out of the rain! ahaha just an idea. Love it and cant wait to see whats next Guru

hairdads101 @hairdads101

I wonder what you could do with an actual street map!?! Give Seattle a go, It’s got all 4 season’s in one day.😂

UnseenUnit @unseenunit

Some feeback for you:

-The dynamic weather system is innovative. Never see that before, but it's too abrupt (Guess this is very experimental here).
Perhaps you can make 3 differents versions of this map where each one have a fixed weather (sunny or cloudy or rainy).
The rainy weather is unrealistic visually (too foggy). See second screenshot here.

-The skatepark itself is well made and fun to ride, but most of the ground textures feels old gen.
I wish you can add more graffitis, like the real one:
The gravel texture for the parking lot should be changed for a something skatable (like concrete).

-You should remove the "skate restriction" for the grass. Or at least make it less restrictive.
Sure, it's realistic on paper but it's more annoying than anything else in practice. And it doesn't make sense somehow, since you can currently skate on the gravel in the parking lot. ;)

-LoD setting is kind low for trees, but especially for vehicles.
Also all vehicules have their lights "On" which feels a bit weird (especially when the weather is sunny).

-Sound spatialization is pretty dope here.
I wish more maps doesn't neglect that aspect.

-Lot of cool details (trees moves, birds everywhere, rainbow, flashs of lightning, rain particules, and cool easter eggs).

-The trailer to showcase your map is rad !

Hope, you'll find this constructive post useful.
Thanks in advance if you want to tweak/improve things.

xlGURU @xlguru

You are the king of constructive feedback, really appreciate it! Thanks!

UnseenUnit @unseenunit

That's nothing really.
Glad to see you like it !

Buddha_TeddyArt @buddhateddyart

I think that it would be better to have a switch to turn it back to sunny if you want to keep the weather effects. Another map upload without effects could work too but IDK switch is also an option

Luqav @luqav

Super sick! Being from Ontario and skating this park a few times IRL its nice to see it in game, the weather thing is really cool as well. But I would love a version where it just stays sunny!

evolblue90 @evolblue90

yes, another Canadian park! Thanks for this, looks great!

fingerskate @fingerskate

this is good i was at this park a month ago . were from toronto . map well done man

st.jovani @stjovani

I dont how you did this but holy crap its impressive.

jiffxdolphin @jiffxdolphin

version without rain pls i think its amazing u did it would just like to enjoy a nice sunny day great map btw :)

MurrWolfe @murrwolfe


bushwickerman.IO @bushwickerman91

love the weather patterns. youre a wizard