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Martian Base for Skater XL

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Published by TiSzma (mod ID: 1158801)


Hello, how you doing ?

This is my first map ever created for skater XL. It's called Martian Base. This map is still on beta version. I know there's some F*** Up ramps and weird lightning and most of the materials are really low quality... I will be working on it soon to make it way better.

PS : I'm sorry for my bad english. It's not my 1st language.

To play the map :

The overall quality is low, so anyone should be able to play it without lags. It's recommended to play it with the vanilla settings. You should have the decals On in order to see some decorations on the walls.


Big thanks to all the Skater XL Community on the official discord.

All the ramps are made by me and all the other props. Except : the shuttle, the vending machine, the tables, the benches, the vegetations (they are free to download on sketchfab)

80% of the textures are from the internet (it should be free to use). The grafitis are from the Skater XL discord community chanel.


map-martian-base-skaterxl.zip192.15mbBeta (0.1)


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italex @italex

usually I like street maps set on planet earth but I have to say that on mars I had a lot of fun :). the large high ramps where you can make transfers is the place where I spent the most time skating, instead the part that I like most aesthetically is the blue area where there is the wave-shaped ramp, the bowls and the textures that recall the sea. thanks TiSzma

Seaguld420 @seaguld420

im not vanilla sxl..... and this map doesnt work very well with realistic gravity.
a lot of the bowls are unrideable... as well as the lips running up to features or quarters theres a lip you get caught on...
overall not very rideable.... looks sweet.... but there's a lot to be done to this before its rideable.

nandrolone @nandrolone

are you really that surprised that a martian base doesn't skate well with realistic settings? he even says in the description that it is scaled for vanilla physics. i'm all for giving map makers criticism, but at least use a portion of your brain before you start handing it out.

Seaguld420 @seaguld420

okay, maybe i didnt read the description woopty dooo.... youre so smart you read something.... but i was pointing out something that needs to be worked on, not being a macho man savage using your massive brain reading.... put a shirt on you tool bag, nobody wants to see your weird *** flex.
even as vanilla it doesnt skate very well.... so stfu guy and go nag at someone that cares.

Bifroztt @bifrozt2

omg it's JJ's home! :O

jdfree28 @jdfree28


Regesskate @regesskate

Amigo, what is app your use to create skatepark?

EightyHD @eightyhd

Possibly my new favorite map!