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Mcdowell County Skatepark (Early Beta) for Skater XL

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Published by DrgnMasterKota (mod ID: 1607320)


This is my local the Mcdowell County Skatepark located in NC. It's still in early beta but with good updates to come! This map is my dream map to recreate in Skater XL, both the Skatepark and the surrounding street area. Me and all my friends grew up skating here and it will soon be tore down and lost with history.. so what better way to immortalize those memories than in video game form. Enjoy the map guys and happy shredding!

The map now has two versions, the original version that includes the music from the boombox that plays for the map and the "No Music" version which is self explanatory and removes that music. Moving forward I'll be updating both versions as I continue building this map to perfection based on it's real life counterpart.


Major props to Dryden! Without him starting all this up for me and helping me a ton learning along the way this map wouldn't even exist!





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MrBroski @mrbroski

cheers from charlotte!

SLURRICANEog @slurricane1635755583

lets go repn NC skaters

shamasn @shamasn

I REALLY REALLY like the ledge and the gap into the street, been obsessed with it.. definitely finish this map and fix up some things, add some more stuff.. you have got something here my bro!

DrgnMasterKota @drgnmasterkota

Sick clips on the spot my friend! And definitely will work to get everything perfected and finished up! Lot more epic street spots from the surrounding area coming soon enough.

Blockstain @blockstain

nice work man the park is def fun to skate! looking forward to the finished version

joeaustin1990 @joeaustin1990

The music is unbelievably annoying bro. I have to skate this on silent, and that sucks because I like the park, but can't hear my sound effects. Plz do an update without the music and make the kinked rails skatable. Great job on the park tho, its really fun!

DrgnMasterKota @drgnmasterkota

Ask and you shall receive! I apologize about not creating two versions but I've now done just that. The no music version and the original version for the map.

ScamLikely93 @scamlikely93

Nice little tip the bowl needs coping also why build a dope rail if you cant skate it. Last but definitely the worst. No one wants to listen to your music. I don't even hate the map the music made me want to die though.


WeWillNOTBeSilenced @godgavemefreedom

No need to be rude..

DrgnMasterKota @drgnmasterkota

Haha I apologize, but I've just uploaded the no music version as well for those who prefer that. Moving forward I will keep and update both versions.

shamasn @shamasn