Skater XL

Mellow Park Day/Night for Skater XL

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Published by blunts4breakfast (mod ID: 1153267)


This is one of the first community maps that I remember being released for XL. I'm not sure who the original creator is, but if you know, please comment below so that I can give credit where credit is due. All that I have done is update it so that it will work with the latest version of the game and also made a night version of it.

NuggyNobuddy for the concrete textures/materials
Soldino for the street lamps





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ZackRobb @zackrobb

is this working on couldn't get either one to work with graphics mod

kvlt_ @kvlt1

classic map! thanks for bringing it back alive. this used to be my warmup map back then. what i remember this map was created for jboogie iirc. maybe he know who made it? but i seriously cant remember who made it. i wish the map channel in modding discord is still exist so i can track it back.

drabbster @drabbster

Duuuude, I always loved this map! Thanks for bringing it back! <3

selfless @na2678487

Too dark

bushwickerman.IO @bushwickerman91

cop the XL Graphics mod and make a Light preset for dark maps

jozboz85 @jozboz85

Awesome map dude whoever was the original creator,any chance as you obviously had help from soldino (name in the credits) that you could redo his downtown map to work with the new xl as I would love to skate that?no probs if you can’t πŸ‘

wardenjeans @wardenjeans

fun chill throwback. two things that could help it is lowering the manny pad to drop a little, and right now the quarter pipe is unbluntslideable. would also be sick to be able to wallride the top part of the fence. gg tho

blunts4breakfast @blunts4breakfast

Thanks for the feedback! I lowered the manny pad a bit and touched up the quarter pipe in the latest version. Still need to work on it some more but you should be able to blunt it now. Lmk what you think.

khllr_ @kh11r

Back to reclaim the throne πŸ‘‘
Both versions have perfect lighting. Somehow you optimized the night mode so the XL Graphics light setting needs 0 intensity, it's perfect. I remember warming up on this map in alpha, it's still the perfect warmup map. Thanks for bringing a classic back πŸ™

UnseenUnit @unseenunit

I remember that one. Day version is my favorite here, but the night version looks ok too.
But I think 416 mo for a map like this is way to heavy. Any chance for more optimisation ?
Thank you, and thanks to the original mapper as well :)

blunts4breakfast @blunts4breakfast

I def agree that the file size is way too big for how small the map is. i'm still pretty new to unity but i'll upload an updated version once I figure out what's causing the bloat.


id start with checking the assets themselves if you used any, then checking textures. Ud be surprised how much an 8k texture can improve a game once you drop it down to 4k. But those can tend to be culprits for sure.

blunts4breakfast @blunts4breakfast

Thanks for the tips! i’m going to go over the assets tomorrow and see what I can compress to get the file size down.

seanskully @seanskully

Two separate downloads for night and day would be awesome as well.

blunts4breakfast @blunts4breakfast

i’ll be sure to do that once i’ve got them updated πŸ‘

UnseenUnit @unseenunit

Just compared the 1.0 with the 1.1.
Nice little update :)

UnseenUnit @unseenunit

It's always nice to see some OG maps again with some graphics updates. Thanks for caring.

Soup_XL @soup27

cool map, forgot about this 1 πŸ‘

G.... @g37

Classic Spot....Thank you b4b.

blunts4breakfast @blunts4breakfast