Skater XL

Multiplayer++ for Skater XL

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Published by MateusSXL (mod ID: 2154245)


v1.0.1 - 2022/06/28

Fixed the "refresh list" button while in a room and changed the label of "join new map" button to "browse rooms".

v1.0.0 - 2022/06/22

This mod lets you create and browse public rooms.

These two features were already in game, but they were hidden. I believe the reason is because the room browser was broken, but this mod also fixes it.

I also changed a couple things:
the "Join New map" button while you are in a public room now works as room browser instead of joining a random room (I couldn't find where to change the button text).
The room browser will show you all the found rooms including the ones with maps that you don't have installed, of course you can't join these rooms but I thought it would be good to know what map you need to download.

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Danchtheman08 @danchtheman08

How do i open the multiplayer room choosing when im in the game

MateusSXL @mateussxl

multiplayer > browse rooms

Venomzplayz76 @venomzplayz76

I agree racism is getting big again in xl.It was like when there was multiplayer mod chat but people now use the advanced object dropper mod. ALSO I LOVE THIS MOD MAKES IT SO MUCH EASIER TO FIND DECENT LOBBIES.

Dwigity @dwigity

yay! ive always wanted top be able to browse lobbies. thank you so much! any chance you could add a feature to kick players? racism in multiplayer is going crazy lately. thanks for putting so much effort into this game, you make this community better.

Dwigity @dwigity

it doesnt seem like the refresh list feature consistently works, ive had several times where it loads me into a map other than what it said in the browse lobbies menu

MateusSXL @mateussxl

yep, I noticed it a couple days ago, it works only when you are not connected to a room. Photon (the library sxl uses for multi) doesn't let you update the room list while you are in a room, so what you see is the old list. I'm trying to fix it.
And about the feature to kick players, i think it is possible.

bio5f3ar @bio5f3ar

I'm having an issue where it says I don't have a map installed when I try to join a room with a custom map when I definitely have it installed. I can create a room with a custom map fine. and joining easy day maps is working fine. is anyone else dealing with this?

MateusSXL @mateussxl

does it happen with every custom map?

Dwigity @dwigity

thats been happening since before this mod was created, id say tell easy day, but they wont actually fix it, so this is honestly the best place to voice your concern anyway.

Blockstain @blockstain

dude THANK U.. was so annoying just joining rooms over n over until finally landing on a good map.. this mod is a blessing thank u so much

MateusSXL @mateussxl

I noticed that the "refresh list" in room browser doesn't work while you are in a room, I'll see if can fix it, but I think the library used for multi doesn't allow it, you need to leave the room then open the room broswer again.

scuffed_adolf @scuffed-adolf

add chat

fingerflip @fingerflip

it's been done before and it was a terrible idea.

Skateandcreate621 @skateandcreate621

Instead why not upload xlgm so the hate would end seems so much division between the builds dont understand any of it

MateusSXL @mateussxl

xlgm is mcbtay's mod, not mine.

Skateandcreate621 @skateandcreate621

I'm aware I'm just pointing out. Xlgm and multi most of us would be happy ..

xryae @xryae

uhmmm... well why are you pointing it out here ?

antikz @antikz

Well then get to it! lol

cherkilla @cherkilla

bro! tysm for this mod! u saved so much of my time!!!!

RuntDaddy @runtdaddy

this is actually such a game changer. No more sitting in the loading screen only to find out its a fkn default map with one other person in it. Mod community is literally on its A game this month

Milk88 @milk88

yay now this guy can turn every map into a stupid skatepark in the sky.. dope.. lol ya not really

RuntDaddy @runtdaddy

this is just a mod for finding rooms, wtf are you going on about?