Skater XL

Nasville - By Nas121 for Skater XL

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Published by NaS121 (mod ID: 1152186)


Large map with lots of ledges. Spent a lot of time optimizing this one so should run well for everyone. (unless your Potato is fully baked)




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AlexLaskka @alexlaskka

Sick map, great potential

macsieg @macsieg

First impressions when playing were it was pretty crammed, felt real narrow at some spots. It feels like some stuff is just randomly placed and is hard to get to in a line. Would love some more handrails. The textures and graphics are great though. Overall I'd say keep flow in mind when placing stuff.

frankiebrodude @frankiebrodude

Idk what peeps be talking about. This map is really good and I thank you for it! Bitching about free maps is like crying about a free hummer...

Doog.XL @doogxl

Theres a difference between bitching and constructive feedback. For the most part replies here are stating issues they have and explaining why they have said issues..

If people were more accepting of proper feedback, this goes for all map and gear creators, then there next projects will be better.. or would you rather have a bunch of subpar content constantly being updated that you wish people would have spent a bit more time on?

Is this map the worst? No.. does it have problems? Yes .. some things arent splined and some metal splines have concrete sounds, the layout could be better as in some parts it feels a bit crammed in just for the sake of it, there are a few objects that are unskatable..

is it still a fun map? It sure is, there are plenty of things to skate regardless of the issues elsewhere in the map.

frankiebrodude @frankiebrodude

People giving real feedback is fine. People saying "we need more maps" or "not worth it" is pretty wack though..

NaS121 @nas121

Thanks fellas - I love constructive feedback and trust me I know this is far from perfect so I appreciate yall pointing out the flaws. ( i lost my original build cuz im an idiot so had to make the whole thing twice which didnt help in the end as far as wanting to fully finish it lol) - And yeah ppl complaining about free maps that take hours to make is def annoying but hey welcome to the sxl community lol. (no wonder so many ppl keep their maps private)

Doog.XL @doogxl

Man theres nothing worse than losing a buld, hats off to ya for making it again. Happened to me before and i just scrapped the map lol.

Gotta agree with you both that the complaints without feedback are pointless but any feedback, good or bad, is always a good thing

Wonderlandjake @wonderlandjake

we need better maps and mods! this gaming is becoming so dry


OutcastDistribution @outcast-distribution

Then make a damn map!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

luxor77 @luxor77

Map doesn't make sense in most of its majority, though it starts alright where you spawn. Stairs gaps that you can't land on a skateable surface, there are some small stairs that lead you to water!!! There is a pic nic table layed out a ramp/ledge that you bump into it. It's confusing, like it's a whole lot a stuff throwned in and don't quite match.

evolblue90 @evolblue90

pictures look great! thanks for this.

BigIsabelaMonerFan @bigkiernanshipkafan1

Looks nice and runs good but I am not really digging the layout. There's a lot of potential but a majority of the map seems laid out at random which makes it a bit unfun to skate and there's a lot of clutter around the map that while looks nice mostly ends up getting in the way. A lot of obstacles unfortunately feel hindered due to these issues

MarkMurderous69 @markmurderous1

You got a version for people with golden potatoes?

jisatsusuru @amudodo

That looks mental !

19945series @19945series

That marble ledge looks beautiful

Sixab @sixab

Oh my goodness Easy Day should be payin' you for making maps like this.

Declare @declare

its just some bought assets :)

PixelatedOdyssey @pixelatedodyssey

great map, and very well optimized. My potato is ultra baked and can still handle this map

TheMightyDiglet @themightydiglet

just from the pics i can tell this gonna be as good as your other maps before i play im so hyped keep it goin dude hope to see more!

Hells.Idol @hellsidol

Hell yeah