Skater XL

Pipeworks City by Team Volution Ported by Tigg for Skater XL

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Published by GuineaTigg (mod ID: 170545)


The map is currently a very early beta, its just to big to test in a small team easily, so please leave any bug's/missed splines in the area's already splined and not mentioned below that is, in the comments

Some area's are still not splined (Blue Warehouse, Truckstop in center & the curved hubba's on The Poolhouse)
Reason being they cause issues for the rest of the map. im working on a workaround for this and they will be splined in a later version,

Picture will come in the next version too as i forgot to include it in the zip and it took me a while to upload this <3

This map is by Volution (Formerly Pipeworks)

Thanks to Bohoa for helping me with the road's a little <3
Big thanks to Bone Dog Fire for making a pindropper tour of the map, <3 its shown on the right side of the page or can be found here (


pipeworks_city_by_team_volution_ported_by_tigg.zip942.63mb0.1 EARLY


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RuntDaddy @runtdaddy

this map is one of my favorite maps because there is so much diversity and places to skate. Runs really well on my potato pc except in the more congested areas. Ppl always say in the comments how good a map is when its trash but this one is legit

blakob97 @blakob97

bro, this map is so f*cking sick! the incline club nod to scotty is bloody insane!!

Ricochet89 @ricochet89

My newest and latest edit.

Personally think it's my best yet.

No there's no copyright free music, but I feel using my own choice of music reflects my personality better.

Enjoy 🤘

shaggs38 @shaggs38

Oh hell ya, nice work on the edit and the skating, love the choice of music too

GuineaTigg @guineatigg

Nice edit shoot me a DM in discord btw

FrazerMedi1605291650 @frazermedi1605291650

Hi guys, could someone help me with figuring out how to do the big wooden trail that snakes down the map, it looks awesome but its essentially pointless since the board gets stuck on the boards. Apart from that, good map.

mattskate94 @mattskate94

You could always use the map editor by dawgvinci and add an underply to make the surface more skateable. I did that to the field on easy day high

GuineaTigg @guineatigg

Currently it is pointless it's something I need to remake in ply at some point but it wasn't a priority, it will be fully skateboard friendly at some point tho

Tookaaaa @tooka69

rode tic my whole childhood great seeing it on here <3

[FBĭ]LuckyLuke @fbluckyluke

wow nice

Bronze1598498807 @bronze1598498807

Wow it's huuuuge!

Bralunit @bralunit

Respect G!

Dylan! @dylan27

thanks for porting

Ema☆ @ema4

This map is phenomenal.

Hydropwnics @hydropwnics

Yeah this is sick, especially the track going through the buildings. Cant wait for the improvements.

ArdellManning @ardellmanning

Okay I take back some of what I said in the first post about the barriers you actually did a really really good job on this map. I didn't skate the whole thing before I posted.

There's some areas that don't flow well to the next but like you said this is a early data so I'm sure you have some ideas in mind that seriously dude this map is awesome.
Good job

Looking forward to the finished product

ArdellManning @ardellmanning

Wow this is a map like what I've been waiting for. Endless. Kind of feels like everything you need is in one map.

I don't know if this is happening to everybody but in the woods skatepark my wheels get stuck in the ground a lot.

I usually don't give much feedback but I think your skate park has the greatest potential in my eyes.

I would ask that you please please please remove the barriers from section to section so everything is easily accessible by skateboarding to it and inviting.

I think at this part had a better flow for all the sections I think it would be hard for people to stop playing it.

On my experience I noticed the barriers that people put in large maps is what makes it disinviting to go to all the spots.

Just my opinion but I hope you consider cuz I really love this map.

Anyhow thanks man for uploading. Really awesome job 👍🏾

KnockedMoose @knockedmoose

yo. i miss pipeworks. ty

jun485 @jun485


CatteStrophy @cattestrophy

Forget a skatepark, this is a skate city!