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Primitive Skatepark - Lights Out PlayStation for Skater XL

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Published by EasyDayStudios (mod ID: 1128402)


Designed to meet the specifications of professional skateboarder and Primitive founder Paul Rodriguez, the Primitive Skatepark is a private playground for Primitive's elite team of skateboarders including Skater XL's Tiago Lemos. The team at Easy Day have recreated the park to allow players to get as close as they ever might to skating this exclusive training facility.

Paying close attention to the fine details of the environment, the Skater XL version of the Primitive Skatepark replicates the obstacles and flow while optimizing the size and scale for gameplay.

The park has traditional skatepark features like banks, quarterpipes, flatbars and ledges, built around the centerpiece doubleset with a hubba and handrails. If you watched the Street League Skateboarding Qualifier event, you already know that there are no shortage of ways to skate this park.

To create a more dramatic look and give your footage a different vibe we have released this ‘Lights Out’ version of the park, with an overall darkened park and spotlights highlighting the park features.

We hope you all enjoy this addition and shout out to creator Brookzee99 for his original modded version of this park.




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