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Quad Mod for Skater XL

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Due to the way Skater XL handles input + mods not being loaded until the game has passed the intro screen, you may find your standard controller buttons inactive when your radio is plugged in, meaning the 'PRESS ANY BUTTON TO START' message does not go away when you press a controller button. Simply press ENTER or Spacebar on that screen to load the game and have this mod sort the controls out.


Fly a full manual acro fpv mini quad in Skater XL! The Skater XL environments are GREAT for a little impromptu freestyle FPV flying and this is the mod that lets you take advantage of that!

  • Play with your own Transmitter. Any standard HID transmitter will work and bindings are remembered.
  • Works in replays!! Record a line, switch to the drone and capture the chase footage, as many attempts as you like. GREAT for chase training.
  • Customisable Betaflight Rates. Punch in your favourites, or experiment a little and try something new.
  • Customisable physics (Change gravity, thrust, weight, drag etc) Fine tune your quad to get it to feel just as you like.
  • Adjustable camera angle and field of view (Although hypothetically it would be great to use in tandem with a proper camera mod that adds spherical fish eye to the camera)


F1 - Brings up the Quad Mod menu to setup controller and tweak physics and rates.
Spacebar - Drop/Retrieve drone.

During flight :
Up/Down Arrow - Change camera angle.
Left/Right Arrow - Change field of view.

How to Install

Uses Unity Mod Manager to install





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madchiller @madchiller

is this dead?

hosuFPV1631645257 @hosufpv1631645257

Hi I have an issue with the mod. Everytime I launch the game this mod appears like not active and still doesn't work if I switch it to active. Any idea of what it's happening? Great work btw, something like this in session would be amazing! Nice work dude

Verb8em @verb8em

any chance we can get a beta update for your drone mod my guy?? i was just gettin the hang of flyin that steast around when the MP update dropped and broke my copter :'(

MrSteeleFPV @mrsteelefpv

well done syncFPV this is a great mod, i get that you probably made this mod to make video edits but with all of the maps its good for ripping around and freestyling and for this i think it would be better with sound, is there any way to implement this into the mod, id be happy to donate if you could make this work

shamarrington @shamarrington

Sync thank you so much for this mod, I've been playing liftoff lately but it gets very repetitive, now i have a hundred maps to practice on, if only you could add a toggle for motor sounds and this mod would be perfect

HypnoToadXL @hypnotoadxl

Not sure if you will fix this but this mod is broken in the new 1.2 multiplayer beta. The multiplayer is smooth as butter so would be amazing to use this mod with it!

warpedkings @warpedkings

Love this mod! I've been wanting this exact feature an just found it. I had to downgrade from the 1.2 beta to get it working

suspectmen @suspectmen

how did you switch to an older version??

HypnoToadXL @hypnotoadxl

opt out of the beta on steam to go back to the older version with no multiplayer and this mod will work

fresh_boyy @fresh-boyy

ok nvm help im flying and i cant stop

fresh_boyy @fresh-boyy

pretty fun ngl

sfjuocekr @sfjuocekr

Hey, I'm running the game on Linux and my XboxOne controller works no problem but I can't get my transmitter axes recognized.

Could you add a more manual method of setting up controls?

The game just works out of the box with SteamPlay on Ubuntu of you wish to try it out!

sfjuocekr @sfjuocekr

I would also like to see the possibility of using a button instead to reset and set the spawn point

Shakka1603122373 @shakka1603122373

hey does anyone have a xbox one bindings guide or preset to share ? I'd love to try this

HypnoToadXL @hypnotoadxl

If you want it to work like a real drone transmitter you need to uncheck the 'full range' box on the throttle and make sure; Throttle bound to left stick up, Yaw bound to left stick left/right, Pitch bound to right stick up/down and Roll bound to right stick left/right. I bound the Reset spawn button to Ltrigger and Set spawn button to Rtrigger. For Rates (sensitivity) I would recommend turning them all down to 0.4-0.5 and turning the super+expo settings up a little bit.

Shakka1603122373 @shakka1603122373

Thanks so much for the quick infos guys, great work Sync, much love !

SyncFPV @syncfpv

Cheers Hyno_Toad, that's all correct, you can also use the gamepad toggle instead of unchecking the full range box on throttle, but the result will be the same :)

0HRBlack0 @0hrblack0

much love....this mod in a multiplayer setting will be game breaking...(player 2 player fiming mode)

aidanrooney95 @aidanrooney95

Ahh this is insane! Great work:) Could we get a Camera tilt option :D

Jay_Co__ @ghost-of-1990

you can change camera angle with arrow keys