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RIVERFERN by taitjames PS4 for Skater XL

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Published by EasyDayStudios (mod ID: 323657)


RIVERFERN is a combination of famous Australian skateparks.

Front inside area is Fernside Skatepark.
Back inside area is Riverslide Skatepark.
Spider bowl inside is Belconnen Skate Park.
Blue bowl inside is Bondi Skatepark.
Vert area inside is Monster Skatepark.
Out the front is Lincoln Memorial.
The gate is Golden Point Bar.
The ramp wall is Paddington Reservoir.

MASSIVE THANK YOU TO SQUEGEEDINOTOY. This guy does so much for the community. Has answered every question I have had for him.
Big thanks to the Cosmic team, SammyTeeV, Yijunho, No2ApeOCE and anybody else for the testing.

If you want to keep my wife off my back, you enjoy the map and want to throw a dollar or two my way I'll be adding names of people in the form of grafitti to the Australian map for all who DONATE!

Also, I stream my map making here -






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SimeonII @simeonii

What is different with this version?

Ambedo_Bass @ambedo-bass

my guess is that its way more optimized for use on PS4 - specifically optimized for ps4 maybe?