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Skatepark Gercenova for Skater XL

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Published by ukRuthless (mod ID: 137954)


Skatepark Gercenova - (Beta)


Progress on this has halted. The system I use is no longer working and it'll be a while till I can get new parts. This map does, kind of, work with full release but textures and lighting are weird. This map was last updated to work with the Beta version of SkaterXL but once I do get a new system I will update Gercenova. I've closed my Discord for the time being too since there will be no updates until progress continues.

The real Skatepark Gercenova was built by Skateboarding communities in Slovakia, including organisations like ASSR and SKETON. As described by them "A skatepark accompanied by great atmosphere".

It's quite small but I hope you guys enjoy it!

Real Life park build -

Opening day video -

Plans for Beta:

  • Improving textures and lighting
  • Adding ambient sounds
  • Adding more detail to the park and surrounding area
  • Increasing playable area

I want to give a massive thank you to SqueegeeDino, Yijunho, Tait, Alex Laskka, Headshopper, Silent, Hokage, Mattinox and Satansimple for keeping me motivated and providing a bunch of useful tips and techniques. Without these guys this park wouldn't exist.

This map was requested by @satansniple a member of the SXL modding discord.




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Jeorjay @jeorjay

Wow, to som necakal, ze tu najdem aj skatepark zo Slovenska, super praca! :)

jun485 @jun485

how do i play this map it does not load?

ukRuthless @ukruthless

if you load the map and it’s empty or a blue screen, re-load the game and launch this map first.

Also try enabling/disabling MapFix

Ms_Mazey @ms-mazey


satansniple @satansniple

Thank you for building this bro! It is amazing and when its raining outside everyone who actually goes to that park can at least ride it virtually, just like me.

FDKZ @fdkz

solid for an alpha, you pretty much noted anything I'd see improved so keep up the good work, can't wait to skate the finished product one day! :)