Skater XL

Skater's Point - Santa Barbara, CA by llbsidezll for Skater XL

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Published by llbsidezll (mod ID: 2148879)


This is still a work in progress. I will be posting updates as I continue to work on it.

Any feedback is appreciated! :)

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This is a passion of mine that I would like to someday be able to dedicate more than late nights after work and weekends to working on. Thanks for your support and helping me improve my map making abilities!




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Alexinvert @alexinvert

Such great flow! A few rails are a bit sticky but it's just fun to cruise around on. Thanks for this mate.

llbsidezll @llbsidezll


chewy666 @chxwy666

Dope! U gotta finish this one!

llbsidezll @llbsidezll

Thanks! Yeah I'm still messing with the trashcan placement. It's where people usually put it which does end up blocking the rail irl but I tried to put it in a spot where you can still hit it. I'll try to scale it down or slide it over to make more clearance around the rail.

uwuzi.xl @uwuzixl

yooo this is sick used to skate here irl when i visited my aunt when i was younger

llbsidezll @llbsidezll

Thanks! I was looking to get some feedback from someone who's been here before. Does everything feel right as far as what's skateable? I had to scale everything up a bit to work with vanilla physics so everything is like 5% bigger than it actually is.

simple26OJmVrast3zEo @skimpleskazer

Speaking on this , some improvements could be made that would improve the flow for a local. The pyramid steps are sorta funky and the bottom one is too low. The mani pad up top is a bit lower , then the top of the quarter is a bit thicker. You should def include the parking lot and the little side spot next to the boardwalk.. you know if you could hmu on discord id love to see the map in blender

llbsidezll @llbsidezll

You think the bottom pyramid step is too low? I actually thought it was kinda high because I made everything a little bigger to work with vanilla physics. Now that I finished up the outside wall, I'm gonna start working a bit on the surrounding area. Not sure if I'm gonna make the parking lot skateable but I at least wanna open up the 2 entrances so you can see the surrounding area a bit more. I'll hit you up on discord..

Liveɘvi⅃ @irrelevantperson

NGL I like the desaturated look. I used to do grading for feature films and some would start like this as I can add the colour myself post production. Has a film Noir vibe too. Happy mistakes. GG!

llbsidezll @llbsidezll

Haha thanks! It does actually feel pretty accurate to skating there on days when the marine layer is really heavy. I might just add a bit more fog and lean into it.

~GS~ @gs101

i agree it looks dope

Brookzee99 @brookzee99

You need to add some lighting to the scene. All your trees are black because your lighting. Also increase your poly count in your modelling. The qtr's have far too few polys to skate smoothly

llbsidezll @llbsidezll

Thanks for the feedback. I'm having trouble getting the lighting correct. I made a custom hdri from Google street view and it was taken on an overcast day so everything is coming out a little dark. I jacked up my direction light to 25k lux to brighten it a bit and reuploaded. I'll smooth up the transition tonight.

uPuck @upuck

This doc is from Easy Day Studios helped me understand lightning in SXL better:

I never finished a map but there's a lot of good info in the mapping discussions channels about everything, but you probably know that already.

Thank you for making maps! :-)

llbsidezll @llbsidezll

Thanks. Any recourses are appreciated. This is my first map I've made from scratch. When I drop in other HDRIs the lighting issue goes away but I lose the background environment. The goal is to eventually build out the surrounding environment (pier, hillside, beach) a bit more so I don't have to fake it with the 360 photo but that's something I'm going to tackle once i finish the park itself.