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Woah this took some doing! Finally the 1.0 update for my most ambitious map which is technically still WIP but everything should be working correctly and at this point I'm probably just going to keep adding to it!

This is the map I've been working on since September 2019 (yikes) guess you'll know what game I've been looking forward to! (please don't break it again with the next game update EasyDay)

It's a fictional plaza with a few real world spots thrown in so hopefully some of you will recognise them.

There's a low spec version which is mainly optimized lighting which i get consistently over 150fps, on the high spec I get 80-110 (i7-4770K, 1070ti)

To those who missed the original when it got brutaly murdered, hopefully the wait was worth it!!!

UPDATE: Thanks to people letting me know about some issues, fixed some grind bugs including rogue splines, minor graphical issues, improved ligthing for low spec & added a new little spot!

UPDATE 2: Fixed a couple last rogue splines and upgraded the mall building.

If you're interested in the original art project check it out here





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BoogyBoogy4321 @boogyboogy4321

Owlyan @owlyan

I love this spot. I even skated the roof. Seriously, if implemented into a megamap, like such we had in skate or the newer THPS Games this could be a super sweet transition spot with entrance to a park or a mall down at the plaza. Approximately spend 8 hours here. Thx for creating.

gh0st_yt @gh0st-yt

Please bring to ps4!!

CaptainTreasures @captaintreasures

Love this map. You killed it, nice update.

Skate3D @skate3d

glad you're enjoying it, that's a pretty sweet edit :)

FauxStalgia @fauxstalgia

ngl your edit is why im downloading it lol

J0K3R1609117748 @j0k3r1609117748

Get this amazing map to console please ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

PeoplezHernandez @pplzhernadez

yo. by the stairs. there a random asss wall. in front of those big *** steps. that little asss square u can jump over with the double set. dead asss a random asss wall thatas invisble and its hitting me. on the main spot on this map aswell. please fix

GuineaTigg @guineatigg

Thats alot of *** Hernandez xD

Jojoleburger @jojoleburger

nice man great work !

CT_Actual @ct-actual


the_Shane.XL @the-shanep

Not sure if it had been pointed out, but right at the ledge at the spawn point seems to be missing a spline or something right at the start of it. If you hit it at the right spot, it launches you and sometimes you just stop.

Other than that, this map was really enjoyable and really detailed. So much stuff to do.

italex @italex

I finally managed to take a ride, I like this map. good job.

Maniacal-Mac @maniacal-mac

Been missing this spot so much had to put a cheeky edit together for it ;) Hope you enjoy.

Skate3D @skate3d


ohhitscrafty @ohhitscrafty

ive been waiting for this one for so long thank you!

GentLee @gentlee

Feels so nice to skate that map again <3 <3

I think there's a "missplaced spline" just above the central pyramid, I pinched into thin air a few times over it.

A lil' personnal appreciation compared to the old version : I think I prefered the older dimensions of the "double curvy object" ahead of the spawn (previously was a fountain-like object). It was a bit bigger and tricks had more amplitude/momentum on it, was legit one of my fav spot in the game !

Also, are you planning on another night version? :3

Skate3D @skate3d

ye got a lot of spline/grind issues fixed after watching some streams/videos. the size of that thing is pretty much the same it's just a bit thinner and possibly lower to allow for more space around it but (spoiler) the mall is getting some love next so that'll change things slightly again and i can get some more space there. I wasn't planning on another lighting version that's why i went with twilight - best of both :P thanks for the feedback, exactly why i released it potentially a bit too early but glad you're enjoying it!

GentLee @gentlee

Awesome for the mall :D
Yeah it might just be the fact it's a bit lower, it's probably just a matter of getting used to it !

That's what I thought, that you went for twilight lighting as a compromise ; it's nice af tbh. I just have a thing for night maps, it's doable with mods tho so I'm not holding my breath on another lighting version ^^

You're killing it man <3

Skate3D @skate3d

thanks a lot, yeah i know what you mean and you can do it like that for sure, the lighting is set up as it would be in a night scene so just dont disable light maps