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Springfield for Skater XL

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Published by Bruno99 (mod ID: 1713250)


"A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man"


After months of waiting for it (I was the only one waiting), this map is finally here!

Springfield is, as the name suggests, a map based on the fictitious city from the world famous animated sitcom, The Simpsons.

This map is a mix of spots and buildings that are actually on the show and spots created by me. With a “cartoonish” style, I tried to capture the series style, so this probably won’t be the most realistic map you will ever play, but who said it needs to be?

And also, a big thanks to everyone who have helped me with this maps (giving me great feedback, ideas, etc):

- NextLevel_X

- ElusiveNerd

- LyricLow

- Bralunit

- Ancientceramics

- TheeDictionary

- And everyone I probably forgot to mention

I put a lot of hard work on this, so I really hope you all enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed making it. Also leave you feedback in the comments I would love to know what you all think of this map.

i don't have a discor server, but if you want to talk to me (idk why you would) just DM on discord: Bruno99#3974 , or follow me on my Twitch i'll probably stream there eventually.

Important Note: All the spots you can see on this map are skateble, but this map isn’t finished. On the right side of the spawn point there is a blank space where I’ll add more spots in the future, but the most important things are already on the map.

I do not own rights of any of the characters, locations or sounds on this map. This map is created based on the American sitcom The Simpsons owned by Disney. I’m just a fan of the show.




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moneymakingmiles8 @moneymakingmiles8

Nailed the texture I think, for comparison to The Simpson's games.

MyMilk1648690694 @mymilk1648690694

The best map ever for skater xl

Yung_Young_ @yung-young

fun map

JeffersonSpyplane @jeffersonspyplane

A great map one of the best on skater xl so far. Would like to see a few more spots in the big empty areas of that main skate park. Feel like I push around a lot with no spots near. Keep up the good work either way!

Bruno99 @bruno99

Thanks for the coment! I'll see what i can add on the main skatepark, thanks for the feedback.

moneymakingmiles8 @moneymakingmiles8

Please do so if you get the time B.

highkeyJORD @highkeyjord

Make sure to grab my homer skin and bart's board ;)

Natbat @natbat

this is amazing

JeddyH @jeddyh

Probably misses his old glasses

fingerskate @fingerskate

this map skates soooo ******* goood my dude dammm son wish this had a Irl vive 2versions cartoon and IRL vibe one but any way soooooo good .

Bruno99 @bruno99

Thanks dude! I agree, it would look sick with realistic textures, but at the same time i don't think i'll do it.

JRoc321 @jroc321

Gee.gazelle do these textures lol

Gee.gazelle @geegazelle

Hahaha i probably could ๐Ÿ˜†

johnmat3 @johnmat3

This makes me want more arcadey spots in Skater XL, I love this map already my man!

BearShare @bearshare

Downloaded this map for the memes, but this has some actually sick spots, nicely done. A bit offensive on the eyes, would play it all the time with a reskin

Bruno99 @bruno99

I wouldn't make this with realistic textures, but if someone is interested in doing the textures i would be down for it.

UnseenUnit @unseenunit

This isn't the type of maps I enjoy the most (I prefer super realistic maps).
I think it's a bit huge and there is too much empty space for a game like Skater XL, and like you said by nature it can't be realistic.

But I can't deny this is cool and well executed anyways.
You nailed the artstyle at least. Worth trying because it's kinda innovative/refreshing in the world of modded maps. And I was somehow surprised by the number of spots.

Bruno99 @bruno99

I agree with you, there is a lot of empty spaces, i'll try to fill some of those spaces in the next update, i already got some good ideas. Thanks for the feedback.

tLR.xl @tlr53

just made my night, lol. Thanks so much!

bio5f3ar @bio5f3ar

Nicely optimized map. Well done.