Skater XL

Stats Menu for Skater XL

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Published by KleptoXL (mod ID: 145381)


Open Menu with 'Alt + K' or 'AltGr + K'

Looking for Shape Menu or Board Wear? They have been merged into DeckFX

Stats Menu

The OG. It adds a menu with sliders for your Characters Stats (Screenshot)


- Unity Mod Manager 0.22.5

- Skater XL 1.1


Drag and drop the *.zip into your Unity Mod Manager.


Discord: Klepto#9273




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Syhv @syhv

stats menu and shape menu works fine. board wear doesnt work at all I've tried all the previous comments solutions. if you could help itd be great!

BarrySkater @barryskater


MackSim @macksim

Custom wear & top ply colour is a game changer.

Before recently updating my stats/board menu I was able to put -100 in the truck tightness slider to get the loosest possible trucks. I noticed that doesn't work anymore. Is there any chance you could increase the min value to beyond the current 0?

KleptoXL @kleptoxl

Glad to hear that!
Shape Menu 2.5.2 should be able to go -100%. Just added it 4 hours ago, you might need to update!

MackSim @macksim

Oh I only updated board wear! Thanks!

Kvlu @kvlu

how do you open the board menu and what is AltGr

KleptoXL @kleptoxl

You can either use Alt+k or AltGr+k. They are next to the space bar

B1gM1ke13 @b1gm1ke13

Any idea how to fix the issue with the flip speed not changing when moving the slider?
I've tried it with Dawgs mod installed but switched off and I've tried it without Dawgs mod being installed but the same thing happens. I'm not in the Beta (never have been) so I'm lost as to what could be causing it.

KleptoXL @kleptoxl

There is no issue with flip speed per se, it probably comes down to a mod conflict. After disabling XXL Mod, you might have to restart the game.

B1gM1ke13 @b1gm1ke13

Thanks for responding dude, I'm sure I've done that but I'll go over it all again to be sure. The version before the current one worked perfectly, do you think it will cause me problems going back to that one?

MattSapp @mattsapp

I have all 3 downloaded, but only stats and boardwear show up. Any ideas on how to get the shape mod to show? When I have the shape mod selected, it changes my board shape to an 80's board, but the menu to tweak the shape doesn't pop up with the other two. Any ideas?

KleptoXL @kleptoxl

Make sure you have Unity Mod Manager 0.22.5 or higher. Don't use the Skater XL beta branch. If those aren't the case, delete the Shape Menu folder in Skater XL/Mods and re-install.
If all of the above doesn't work, deactivate all mods and enable them one by one, because it might be conflicting with another mod, although this is the first time I've heard about this particular issue. Alternatively, send me a unity mod manager log

Speedy1597015230 @speedy1597015230

i downloaded and when i try to do any trick he does the flick but the board doesent move at all. dawgvinci xxl mod is uninstalled

KleptoXL @kleptoxl

Make sure you're not in beta; go to Steam -> right click Skater XL -> Properties -> Betas and opt out of beta

kernelxsanders @kernelxsanders

Does 2.5.1 not have truck tightness?

KleptoXL @kleptoxl

It comes with Shape Menu now. Truck Tightness, Wheel Hardness and Powerslide Friction is all in there

Kane1599789383 @kane1599789383

Hey i cant find the altgr + K can someone help me btw i have a ducky one two mini

skatermate @skatermate

do ı need to download another mod to put on stickers

KleptoXL @kleptoxl

Board Wear is what you need for stickers. Well, and some stickers to put on there. The link to those is in the description

the_Shane.XL @the-shanep

Awesome mods as usual.

Just for some people's information, if you are using this mod in combination with Dawgvinci's XXL Mod, and have lock turning on on both mods, they cancel each other out. Just wanted to point that out.

Other than that, I use both mods together and they work great!