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Stellenbosch Campus - Red Square for Skater XL

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Published by WianValkyrie (mod ID: 878236)


Big map roughly based on the red square in Stellenbosch University Campus, South Africa.

The map has a bit of a ''clean'' look because decals have not been finished. I don't think decals work at the moment anyway so oh well...

Any donations would be appreciated and would help me spend more time to create better maps!






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Arakius @arakius

this maps hot

YoungSToney420 @youngstoney420

can u optizmize this more it would be great i love this map

K.I.N.G. @king30

It's surreal being able to skate a place you know very well, in a game... First time in my life... Thanks so much Wian! Truly amazing work...! Respect! Jubi

zgremek @zgremek

Where you got that pants with holes? Could you drop it?

Boris_theCheater @boris-thecheater

This is one of the most skateble map
but should be optimized a lot!
really good job !

Sin10el @sin10el

This map is killer, Thank you so much

Hellrazr @hellrazrxl

Serious map. excellent design

roy_birman @roy-birman

can you please make a low spec version? that would a lot

NotHaak @nothaak

Ayy Kaapstad

Ollie795 @ollie795

So many great spots, textures are crisp too. Definitely up there as one of your best maps and it'll be one I play a lot. The whole map feels really nice to skate too as it doesn't feel overwhelming.

Regarding the vegetation you could add a diffusion profile override to your post processing stack and then give your leaves a diffusion profile to make them more of a natural green colour. By default after the 1.0 update they go very dark green. If you want a hand with this in more detail or have any questions then my DMs are always open on discord

WianValkyrie @wianvalkyrie

Cool thanks man, I will give that a go! Will drop you a msg on discord if I get stuck..

B1gM1ke13 @b1gm1ke13

I've always loved your maps and this is the best yet. Thank you and congrats.

Thugg_Lightyear @thugg-lightyear

Seriously can't believe how many spots in SA are in this game! This is one of the better ones

UnseenUnit @unseenunit

First of all, I've tested your 4 previous maps. I still play them from time to time.
So I immediately recognize your "style" here.

Sohere, some things you can improve if you still want to work on this project:
- The LoD setting need to be adjusted. Some of your buildings pop in out of tin air (and this is very noticeable, also the geometry of some of them doesn't work correctly). Same for some trees, some rocks, and some props (like garbage cans). I've noticed 1 particular medium size tree who literally move from 1 meter from his initial placement (near the Natural Science building if I remember). And I've got some micro freezes, probably because of some buildings pop in. (I'm on a 2080 RTX). I've seen that kind of bugs on your previous projects.

-I always thought your lighting looks kinda flat/old gen. It's not terrible but it doesn't feels like a modern game. You know just something like subtle light shafts would be cool to see.

-Most of your textures looks really sharp but too clean imo. I mean the general look of all your projects are too clean. I've noticed some "dirty" textures, but only a minor number.
This and the lighting are the 2 things who make your map looks kinda "unreal" visually.

-Most of your marble's surfaces are too reflectives (it's like you've a fine pellicule of water on them), you should tone down this effect, which will improve the visual aspect.

-1.4Go is a big number for the size of your file. I know this place is huge, but if you can reduce that number somehow, it would be nice.
This map is probably quite heavy for some low end/mediums PCs.


On the flip side, your maps are very good in terms of gameplay. And this one is no different. To be fair, I think it's my new favorite of the bunch.
I would recommend this map for anyone who like to skate on a big place for hours. You've so many good spots here: rails, ledges, gaps, manuals pads, benches, etc...
The flow is quite good, this is satisfying to move around and hit literally everything you see. Special mention for these splines (besides stairs and few missed ledges), almost everything works flawlessly.
I would say: "If you think about a trick on a specific spot, you can do it".
I like that a lot !


So most of problems/quirks are essentially about graphics/fine tuning on your project.
This map doesn't look bad, most of your props/buildings/looks pretty good in fact. If you pay attention you can see little details everywhere, like campus signs, some movables props or even a double mini ramp kinda hidden behind walls.

To conclude, this a really strong map in terms of gameplay but it just need some "next gen graphics features" and optimisations. It will be the cherry on the cake.
Anyways thank you in advance if you want to provide a couple of fixes.

WianValkyrie @wianvalkyrie

Yo. Thanks for the feedback man. Yeah some of the building LODs are a bit crap, have to fix that. Was planning on modeling all the buildings myself but the map was a bit too big and started taking too long so I used free assets and some of them are set up quite ******.. Still working on my lighting, its something I struggle with a bit but hopefully I'll get there eventually..
Going to work on some smaller projects now and sort out all those issues. Making custom textures with more wear and tear so I don't have to rely on decals and focus more on lighting and fine details.. This map was fun but it was a bit too big and I started rushing it cos I wanted to move onto something new.. But thanks again, will keep what you said in mind with upcoming maps and maybe even rework this one some time when I feel up tp it again..

UnseenUnit @unseenunit

This is great news !
If you want to update that current map, at least if you can fix the LoD (which is the most noticeable thing) and maybe tweaks the marbles reflections and optimise things a bit, it would be nice. Lighting and "too clean textures" aren't too bad in comparison (They looks decent enough).

You're not far away to deliver a super polished map here. And since it's a really fun map and one of your most ambitious project, I think it will still worth it at the end.

To me a project like that, can be chosen by Easy Day Studios for a future update and receive a general overhaul about lighting and textures in the process.
I mean most of your maps (if not all of them) are based on South Africa real spots, so this alone make them special. Differents places/countries is something interesting in terms of level design/art. They already pick some american, canadian, australian spots depicted in the best community maps. South Africa next maybe ? You never know !

OutcastDistribution @outcast-distribution

I really wish people would look at how 90% of Mappers treat Unseen. Like he helped them...

Some of the negativity shown to him is disgusting and 100% purely on lack of understanding on the part of those of you who have issue with "how" Unseen gives feedback.

He is not wrong about almost anything AND English is not his 1st language.
I spent the 2 min to reach out a while ago to just talk to Unseen and I am proud to call him at the very least a truly good person, I wish I was able to hang with if our timezones were not literally opposite.

Just read the mappers replies and let him do what literally nobody else does that isn't a mapper does and that is give creative criticism. It is not wrong, bad or in the wrong place. He is helping, mappers know that so I hope some of you can just realise that and STOP HATING!!!!!

If you have issues with this, come talk to me.... ✌

Also, amazing work WianValkyrie ! I am from NZ so I know SA pretty well just from playing stupid rugby, lol. It is so cool to see these real spots I have seen in the game.
I look forward to any updates, if you do them and all of your maps in the future.

UnseenUnit @unseenunit

Thanks for these words Switch.xl.
I can take any critique or dislike any days. But these people are probably incapable to know what feedback means or have strong arguments if they doesn't agree with me on certains things. They just dislike most of my posts for free (or even worse my own content) without saying anything and run like cowards, which is totally useless.

maximrelaxin @maximrelaxin

Looks good. Decals work btw.


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WianValkyrie @wianvalkyrie

Haha awesome man. I love that shirt. I'll add you, will be rad to get some more cool shirts..