Skater XL

Suburbs_byKarKurr for Skater XL

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Published by KarKurr (mod ID: 159180)


Big thanks to everyone in the modding comunity for sharing the assets!
Any bugs or that sort of stuff (like bad grinds) please report it in the discord SXLModding server @KarKurr
Want to be a part of SXL modding and community? See new projects, feedback, share and maybe test some stuff? Here's my discord server KarKurr_SXL
If you would like to support me and my future projects you can do so through paypal! Anything is much appreciated

Have fun!!





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SirDeLookie @sirdelookie

honestly still one of my favorite maps

WeWillNOTBeSilenced @godgavemefreedom


BrianSteveGAMING @brianstevegaming

Can you consider making suburbs day and night map for low end pcs?? please do :)

pabloosingit @pabloosingit

why is this map not #1 top of the list I now have a reason to play and enjoy.

McSupafly @mcsupafly

This is my favorite map by far. Lots of fun, original stuff to skate. Aesthetically pleasing. Lots of stuff going on. Designed just as good (if not better) than the actual game maps. Well done, dude!

Eye4One @eye4one

This map is the gift that keeps on giving. Give yourself a pat on the back because you deserve it!

RickyBobby1600376652 @rickybobby1600376652

BEST MAP EVER! Seriously even better than the ones made by easy days. Someone pay this man

sk8rboi @sk8rboi

**This is by far the best custom map I've played.**

So much detail and so many obstacles.
I LOVE the textures, I hope to see more people putting this amount of detail in their maps.

nieuwendam @nieuwendam

I love this map. Especially the different kinds of curved splines. Also the details are good. Some NPC's makes it vivid. It feels like a finished map. Good work!

DigiTreflip @digitreflip

I really enjoy this map and its night variant. Impressive features inside and its the map that keeps on giving inspiration for me right now. Great work KarKurr

jim_willowski @jim-willowski

So many things to do and a lot of variety. beautiful and well designed, clearly one of the best map out there!
Great work!

bento! @bento1593711149

sick map! only problem im having is performance issues, optimized version soon?

mako. @mako8000

cant wait to try this out

ImTheDctr @imthedctr

Can't lie! Turned into one of my favorite maps! So many spots I'm probably gonna do another video

What I got so far ๐Ÿ˜

Eye4One @eye4one

That was fresh bro

llamaflip1 @llamaflip1

yooo them POV shots were dope!

Bootsi @hyperspaceelf

So fun, and very thoughtfully designed. THANKS!

str4ngeluv @str4ngeluv


Mufflo @mufflo

Amazing bro thanks for this

UnseenUnit @unseenunit

Not the ultra realistic map ever made, kinda reminds me the type of maps you can see in a THPS series with a lot of things to do. You know some crazy stuff like a spine mini ramp on top of a building !

But surely this map will increase your creativity over 9000. It's amazing how much differents spots you can ride. And I love the attention to details ofc.
Impossible to get bored with some quality maps like this one.

Some suggestions:
-You should change textures of some wooden quarters (with concretes ones with some grafittis to make them a real part of the place). I mean just for the wooden quarters outside of the indoor skatepark. And maybe the biggest ramp on top of the building too (the one you see on the screenshot of this page).
-For the night version of the map, you should lower reflections (or fix it ?), because I've some intense flickering (I play on 1440p Ultra), so they looks kinda "bad".

And that's all I've to say for now. Time to spend more time on it now !