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The Sanctuary for Skater XL

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Well well well, fellow skaters here we are, this is it!

2 years, 5 parks and many many iterations. I’m finally happy with what began as ‘Skate’s Sanctuary’, my first modded park for SXL at the start of 2019. It’s got a bit of everything and the big idea was to have each section flow into the next, so on your travels you will find:

The original ‘Skate’s Sanctuary’ from January 2019

‘Skate’s Sanctuary II’ from July 2019

‘The Sanctuary’ Which I think the majority will already know about, released just before SXL 1.0

Next, venture up to the top floor for my tribute to the SLS style courses and finally see if you can make it to the end of the Slopestyle run!

As always if anyone does find some game breaking issues I’ll do my bst to fix them, other than that It’s finally time to wrap this one up. There are of course visual improvements that could be made but I could go on forever and I’ve got to save some of what I’ve learned for the next one, It’s been an awesome project along with CyberSpot to get to grips with the Unity engine!


So, I finally fixed the issue that caused the previous version to run quite heavily, the full detail version now averages just over 100fps on my mid spec PC. It’s a very detailed map so I have included a low spec version anyway. The graphics are obviously a little lower quality however I personally get 1.5 - 2x the framerate, so if that’s what you’re looking for, try this one out!

In the .zip for each version there’s the map file and the cover image, these both go in the skater xl maps folder.






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violetbrain @violetbrain

I tried to install this map into the game using UnityModManager but was told it was not supported. What should I do?

strangerxxl @strangerxxl

thats not where maps or gear go. Maps go in Documents/SkaterXL/Maps and gear goes in Documents/SkaterXL/Gear

crucial.exe @crucialexe

Still loving this map, and ultimate gratitude to evolving this into a masterpiece.

Still curious what the FPS-killing culprit was to avoid in my future mapping ventures, you're the best for not giving up on this map a handful of updates ago.

Skate3D @skate3d

Thanks a lot, glad it was worth it :) back when the game updated to unity 2019 a lot of my lights were changed to dynamic without me noticing when they should have been baked. That was the main issue :P

CertifiedEliteGamer @certifiedelitegamer


ClutzE @clutze

The last update is insane dude. I was getting angry for a minute because I thought you got rid of my favorite bowl in the game only to realize you mad the park so big its just hiding in the corner still :) 10/10

TritonGamezYT @tritongamezyt

Im pretty sure that this is the best map ever!!! Great job, the low spec version runs amazing on my laptop(Stable 60FPS)

Yung_Young_ @yung-young

I love this map one of the best hands down

Skateordie @skateordie

I hope it comes to console

WalkingWithYeshua @godgavemefreedom

This is the BEST map out here period ! I love skating there for hours, it is very fluid

liljbeazy101 @liljbeazy101

Want skate sanctuary on console

crucial.exe @crucialexe

YESSS!! can't wait to try this!!! reading your description, what was the issue bogging down performance?

i bet a couple other map makers could use a couple pointers.

Skate3D @skate3d

when xl moved to unity 2019 a lot of the lights in my scene got changed to realtime that should have been baked, but these weren't obvious lights so i missed them first time round. people were quick to assume it was because of the level of detail but these days geo and textures are handled a lot better, lights still cause a lot of overdraw. that's why the scene was losing frames.

Tooflowiefoeyoie @tooflowiefoeyoie

This would a awesome addition to the console gameplay

Lordgadget1610558476 @lordgadget1610558476

my favorite map!!!

ExalSB @exalsb

Amazing map !!!
I read all your story (on the wall, good idea !! ) and I want to congratulate and thank you for this hard work !!
In a hurry to see an other project from you ;)

aidanrooney95 @aidanrooney95

One of my all time SkaterXl fav maps:)

putrasyahSXL @putrasyahsxl great map bro

giantmang0 @giantmang0

this is easily one of the best maps ever made, insane job.

Alexinvert @alexinvert

Thank you so much for this. It's been an amazing evolution and the end product is one of the best maps.