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XLObjectDropper for Skater XL

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Published by mcbtay - learn more (mod ID: 176938)


XLObjectDropper is a controller driven object dropper with a full user interface, the ability to save/load, a new filmer, and plenty of other features.

How do you open XLObjectDropper? Press start to access the game's pause menu and you'll find an entry called "Object Dropper".


  • Controller driven
  • Saving and loading of builds, including object properties. Save files located in Documents/SkaterXL/XLObjectDropper/Saves. Files are saved in a folder for the map they were created on, however that's not a requirement.
  • Support for custom asset packs (or DLC) in Documents/SkaterXL/XLObjectDropper/Asset Packs. Compatible with existing DLC packs.
  • An Object Edit menu where you can change properties about certain objects such as light brightness or filmer pose.
  • New filmer.
  • Object highlighting, so that you know which object you're selecting.
  • Undo/Redo support.
  • Always free and open source.


If you like to use Follow Cam in XLGraphics, please update to version 0.0.7 of XLGraphics. Babbo was kind enough to push an update to be compatible with XLObjectDropper!

We hope the controls are pretty self explanatory via the user interface, but if you want/need some more in depth descriptions of how the functions are intended to work, please check out the wiki.

For any bug reports or features you'd like to see added, write up an issue on our Github or leave us a comment here!
Want to see what we're working on or have planned? Check out the project on Github!
Want to contribute to the project? Either assets or code? Fork our project and send us a pull request!








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moneymakingmiles8 @moneymakingmiles8

Now thanks to you with XLGM 2 I can confidently say that they're many people who will do whatever necessary for an update or complete rebuild. I would think about integrating it into XLGM 2 or XLGraphics like you have (if you're even still interested in XLOD and it's not too hard) for simplicity and organization. I also hear there is no more Map Editor with latest update either now but that didn't hold a candle to XLOD. Point being everyone who wants "an update" or a similar tool/ mod then comment/ like this, especially if you're ready, willing and able to help make this happen unless mcbtay says otherwise, and for people new to and/ or SXL trust & believe that this mod was top 3 of all time in regard to this game. Hopefully we get something (me being greedy), even if it's a small start or smaller finished mod it's more exciting than a big release from official game. Lol.

mcbtay @mcbtay

I will not be integrating it into those other mods, that makes absolutely no sense -- one of them I have no control over at all (XLGraphics). I'd love to update this mod... the game switching to Cinemachine has broken the way the camera moves. It's on the to-do list for me, but XLGM has been the priority for obvious reasons. Official Map Editor will certainly be coming back (at least I assume so) in some capacity.

Monkeyeet @turboturtle6

my game crashes whenever i try to use this but any other mod works fine

blade1998x @blade1998x

just going to assume this wont be updated

MOBB_XL @mobb-xl

does this work on 1.22.5?

JesusCrisis @godlessfb

update pls

Flvmeo @flvmeo

:( i miss carl

Frammy01 @frammy01

I'll pay you to update this. This mod doesn't work anymore.

moneymakingmiles8 @moneymakingmiles8


mcbtay @mcbtay

Not interested in your money but they've completely overhauled the camera on the latest versions. Because of that, this mod is broken at the moment. I don't see this mod as a high priority to update as there is now the official object dropper.

Not saying I won't update it, just saying it's not at the top of the list.

Frammy01 @frammy01

I get it man, i know it's not about the money. It's just that with the current version of sxl it's impossible to use any NPCs or custom made objects. The built in object dropper is really bad. Hope to see this rebuilt in future though, much love 🤍

mcbtay @mcbtay

It's not impossible, they just need to be baked into the map's asset bundle and tagged properly. It's not as free of an implementation as what XLOD gives you, but it's not impossible.

StéphaneBellavance @stphanebellavance

Yep since the last update it doesn't work anymore! Please update :(

EightyHD @eightyhd

Mod really broke after the last alpha update, you cant even get the cramea screen to open just freezes then my skater goes limp or some messed up **** then I have to quit and restart my game..

LonelyCupid @lonelycupid

not working with current alpha any way to fix it

MoonRiperZ @moon264iwvfcf3xkd1

Hey bro, version 1.0.4 doesn't work on the alpha version of the game? I can launch the mod, but I can't move the camera in game.

GOLFWANG1627460981 @golfwang1627460981

How the **** are you supposed to download this

atticusxl @atticusxl

Just Dowload it, open file location, drag it onto your desktop, then open UMM and drag the file off your desktop into where it says drop zip files here and click install, should show up in your menu when you press start and you should see it on your mod manager when you start the game

Jimmy_Buttsavage @jimmy-buttsavage

Unity declares success when I drop into UMM
When game open, Object dropper does NOT show in log
Object dropper does not appear in menu

I am running an older version of the game *pulled it out of my steam folder during the Dawgvinci/Dain tiff*

v1.03 and 1.04 produce same results

Please advise.

RaTbagXXL @ratbagxxl

Does anyone know why objects in my assets folder doesn't show up in the menu sometimes when you launch the game? I'll open and close the game multiple times until the objects appear.

Using 1.0.3 with the pre beta version of SXL